Nicoleta Griciuc

Marketing Specialist

Hi! I’m Nicoleta, and I’ve happily been an entrepreneur for over seven years now.

Shortly after becoming a mother, I quickly realized that I needed more time for my baby girl, but I wasn’t willing to neglect my profession either. Becoming an entrepreneur gave me the flexibility I needed – at least at the beginning.

The transition wasn’t quite easy because I’ve always loved to work in large companies, surrounded by colleagues who guided me and had a strict working schedule.

Freelancing was scary at first. I remember that I had no clients (Yap, that’s right!), and I started sending emails to different companies. My first paid project was a dental clinic. After successfully achieving the goals set with my client, I mustered the confidence to start looking for more ambitious projects to expand my portfolio.

Like every entrepreneurial journey, mine also had its ups and downs. Lucky for me, I could always count on the full support of my husband, who never ceased to believe in me and has constantly been encouraging me to persevere and not give up.

A great thing about my job is that I don’t have time to get bored. One moment I may be writing about fashion and beauty, and after a couple of hours, I’m switching to radiators and screws or even housekeeping tips and tricks. I know it might sound frantic, but I find this to be a great way of keeping myself engaged.

I speak to clients, organize my small team, and try to improve daily. That’s how I like running my small business: we are all free to take our own decisions, make mistakes, account for them, and get better.

When Alexandra first told me about her idea, She is Mom, I felt that this could be an excellent way for many young mothers to change their career path, improve, and embark on an entrepreneurial journey similar to mine.

It would have been wonderful if She Is Mom would’ve been a thing when I decided to start on my own. I genuinely believe that this project can help many women pursue their dreams by facilitating their access to mentors, courses and a great community of like-minded individuals for networking. After all, that’s the reason I joined them from the very beginning.

Choose to be the best version of yourself and you will become a superhero.