Andreea Iacob

Copywriter & Content Creator

I'm Andreea, a woman in love with life, nature, and people. I love to love, explore, and travel, through my interiors, to others, and through the world. I read a lot and often listen to stories around the fire, close my eyes and listen to poetry, get inspired and write, write about me, about you, life as I see it, and how I feel.

At the age of 20, I took my first steps on the path of personal development, two years in a group formation in which I explored my mind and life until then, two years in which I became friends with my thoughts and feelings. The journey continued to the body, body awareness, working with it, emotions stored in the body, limits, and respect for the body, all reconnected me with my essence and femininity. The steps led me to know more about the mind and body, intuition, spiritual practices, breathing, and meditation are also tools of my journey, and all combined, maintained, and developed build me now.

I love working with women in the circle. Women's circles are food for the soul, and there are moments of growth, moments when you are seen, heard, supported, and accepted as you are, with all of you. When you find your tribe, you learn that together it is easier, that everything that did not make sense before, now, step by step, takes shape.

Everything you are to be out of love. And everything you do to make out of love!