Iulian Smaranda

By Iulian Smaranda, Talent Strategist. Relationship Builder. Match Finder, Mentor in SIM’s Community

Not infrequently, we wake up like in a centrifuge, in all the speed of our world, and it seems that it is not enough that the pandemic has come upon us. It took us by surprise (after all, what disease or ugly situation announces to us in time ?!), and it seems that we got even more out of our feet. Normally, it's called survival instinct. And we forgot to stop for a moment, to talk to ourselves. It is an aspect that matters at any time of life, be it good or bad. Be it a pandemic, digital, or "traditional." 

Just as we need people to socialize and develop and define ourselves as human beings, we also need ourselves to know how we are, where we are and where to go if we did well or less well, if we still have to correct something or continue the same.

From a professional perspective, I propose a small beneficial exercise: to stop at some point and draw a line and analyze: where am I? Am I okay? Is that what I want to do, or is it what I saw that I would end up doing? The list of questions can, of course, continue. It depends on each of us. It is essential to be able to draw conclusions. They will help us re-motivate, reinvent ourselves and give ourselves the energy to move forward with new strength and new thoughts. As human beings, we need energy, creativity, options, and perspectives.

I urge you to propose this periodically. I did it, it worked, and it works, others did it, and it helped them a lot. Even if the centrifuge of life shakes us as well, we have the opportunity to control it ourselves.

I have met people who, after doing this for a while, were much more confident, making much wiser professional decisions, without the specific emotion of anxiety. I met people who did professional retraining and were happy to do that because ... they talked to themselves.

And I think that this "principle" applies personally.

Did you talk to yourself? Perfect, now you can move on with yourself.