Loredana Iacob

By Loredana Iacob , Transformational Life Coach, Mentor in SIM’s Community

I remember the reaction of my friends when I told them that I was giving up corporate life and starting on the path of personal development! As long as you don't ask for their help, most people look at you with concern. However, when you want to involve them, the reactions are often like, "I'm ok, I don't need personal development" or "I'm ok, you don't have to tell me motivational quotes about how to make me feel good"!

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We learned to put labels on and for anything. We do not stop to analyze, and we do not go through the filter of reason. We put labels because it's easier and because that's how I've seen others do it.

We refer to "personal development" in terms of motivational quotes that have invaded communication channels. Quotes that give us a nudge to get out of the rhythm of living on autopilot and to sit for a few seconds and ask ourselves, "What would it be like if it were ?!".

We make sure to shake it well and return to our comfort zone! We refer to "personal development" in terms of online events that anyone can easily attend to move from motivational to the next level. You receive valuable content, and it makes you think. You begin to realize that there is much more behind a free event you attended. It is a world waiting for you to discover! Again, we make sure to shake it well and return to our comfort zone.

Why do we always return to our comfort zone? Because it is comfortable! 😊 Because it's easier to put labels on!

Why do we want to be someone else? Maybe because the school has established a framework in which to operate, one in which we are forced to compare ourselves more with others and less with ourselves! Maybe because the family we belong to has shown us how important it is to improve our weaknesses and not capitalize on our strengths… to be in line with the world! Maybe it's because society has shown us that it labels everything that doesn't conform to the much-valued mediocrity!

So why don't we start by not wasting ourselves today?

Let's start today:

Let's look at ourselves with more indulgence,

To measure our progress only by relating to ourselves,

Let's recognize our strengths,

Recognize that we can make mistakes and learn from our mistakes,

Let's understand our feelings and talk about them,

Let's enjoy all the qualities we have been endowed with, and who knows, maybe in time, we will discover how much our self-confidence has increased and how easily we have managed to get closer to our dream… ours!

"Personal development" is a process. It doesn't happen overnight or by itself! Maybe it starts with motivational quotes and participation in workshops, but it doesn't stop there!

You must WANT to make a change in your life, to ACCEPT that evolution comes with leaving the comfort zone, and to ACT towards a new mindset, towards a new way of thinking and relating to your life!

Kurt Cobain said, "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are."

I wish you a week in which to re/discover your best version!