Oana-Mihaela Constantinescu

By Oana-Mihaela Constantinescu, People & Business Partner, Mentor in SIM’s Community

First of all, what’s the first image that comes to your mind when hearing the word “successful” regarding your professional life? Is it about having enough money to sustain a high-level comfort for you and your family? Do you envision yourself managing a business or being an expert in your favorite domain? Or maybe you believe that success is strongly related to how you feel when you work, accomplished and empowered, loving what you do. 

No matter what phase of your professional path you are in, please keep in mind that being successful is attainable, but it’s not something you can obtain overnight. And it has a lot to do with planning it. 

Of course, it also depends on the context and the resources one has, but the attitude is yours. You have the ability to decide to change something when you feel you can do more about your career. However, a lot of people feel discouraged about not knowing how to start this process. 

“I don’t like my job anymore; I want to improve in my professional life but have no idea how to tackle this, I feel so alone, and I worry about changing my job.” Does it sound familiar? It’s not easy to pull yourself from the current status and go through all the fuss of being a candidate. 

The good news is: you’re not alone in this. 

There are specialists, people with experience in Human Resources, and various business environments who can guide you through the whole thing. 

3 main things that career guidance can do for you

Your career guide will help you deeper understand what the next step in your professional path is. It applies to any case, no matter if you are a beginner or a senior, looking for a job in the same area of expertise, or willing to make a career reconversion. Moreover, talking to a person who has experience in this type of guidance will help you (re)position yourself on the labor market by “fine-tuning” your CV and cover letter, having a better idea about the expectations for the job you are looking for and also the salary ranges

He/she will give you insights about what and where companies are looking for professionals like you and where it is appropriate to search and apply for such jobs. And will assist you in preparing for interviews (by discussing the job requirements from the ad, making role plays with you, and encouraging you before the selection challenges).

Last but not least, the career guide will be a mentor and a supporting shoulder for you throughout this process. He/she will help you plan all the phases and build your project for professional change. And will also stand by you when things aren’t going as fast or as smooth as you’ve wished. Just like any project, there can be bumps and delays on the road, but your guide will celebrate with you each small success and help you set the next short-term objective until you reach your final goal. 

So, you want to be successful, but you are still worried about changing your job? Reach out for career guidance from one of the mentors in our community and start your journey to obtain the job you dream of.