Oana-Mihaela Constantinescu

Oana-Mihaela Constantinescu

People and Business Partner
Human Resources


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HR professional, with 14+ years of experience in all Human Resources areas, currently working as HR Business Partner. All this time, I have cultivated my affinity for connecting people and finding the missing piece of each puzzle. I developed a high-sense of understanding behaviours, by working in various organizational cultures and also volunteering in a youth empowerment NGO. After my daughter was born, I discovered my second passion: communication. So I started writing on my blog (https://mamicaactiva.com) and organizing events.

Consequently, my soul-project became helping mothers find jobs which are better and more suitable for their needs, empowering them to search a balance between professional life and personal one. Thus, I assist my clients with personalized job search, CV improvement, preparing for interviews, 1-to-1 sessions regarding miscellaneous HR topics (labor legislation, professional reconversion, specific situations etc).

On how to Find the right job in 7 steps, see my Ebook* here: https://www.oanaconstantinescu.com/store/

*the ebook is in Romanian.

Career Orientation & Job Search, HR Mentoring, HR Consulting, Volunteer Coordination

I am a people explorer, how I like to call myself. I love observing people while they talk about their passions and support those who haven’t found theirs yet or haven’t dared to follow their dreams in their professional lives. Being a mother myself (of a 9-year-old daughter), I’ve realized that women are going through a complex, life-changing experience after giving birth. And this often has very much to do also with their professional passions. However, many of them don’t have the courage to change something in their careers, so to encourage them, I started my blog (https://mamicaactiva.com) almost 9 years ago. Now, besides my full-time job as an HR Business Partner and my volunteering role in a non-profit organization focused on education, I guide people who want to improve their professional status.

As I recall, I was in my last year before graduation that I decided a career in Human Resources would suit me well. That was in 2006 when I was working at the reception of a market research company. Since then, I keep waking up with a smile because it was the right choice. And I feel blessed to find out rather soon what is the perfect path for me. Moreover, the choice of doing something more (helping people, writing on my blog, learning about PR, and organizing events) came instead naturally, as I am keen on evolving and adding new skills.

My priorities changed, I became more aware of my passions, I launched my blog and I learnt new things, while searching for a balance between my professional life and motherhood.

That’s a tricky question. It’s something I’m always trying to improve because I’m involved in so many activities. I believe in quality time. And I think that a mother who loves what she is doing is an excellent example to her kids, rather than a mother who spends more time with them but is always dissatisfied with her professional life. So, work-life balance means for me a mix between meeting my child’s needs (both basic and superior ones, on Maslow’s pyramid) and developing myself according to my passions.

A mentor is a person who has somehow reached a comfort zone and can talk about it with ease, inspiring others to grow. I think the appropriate equation is:
a mentor = experience (in a certain domain) + passion + willingness to talk about how he/she turns vulnerability into progress.

Regarding work-life balance and pressure that moms put on themselves, I'd like to emphasize that perfection doesn’t exist. Time will always be a challenge, and financial resources will never be enough. But it’s the way we look at our problems that changes the whole picture. By focusing on finding solutions and not on what we don’t have, the perspective will be a little brighter. Moreover, it’s essential to ask for help. We all need to be supported at various moments in our lives. It’s normal to feel vulnerable; however, it’s in our power to try to change what we don’t feel comfortable with.