Iulia Crasmariu

By Iulia Crasmariu, Human Resources Manager at AUSY Technologies Romania, Mentor in SIM’s Community

A major part of an engineer role means helping people by improving the way we live and creating new life-transforming technological advancements. 

Whether they are working to solve everyday challenges or they are tackling complex issues such as building new technology for healthcare devices, defending the world against cyberattacks, preparing disaster recovery plans or climate change actions, engineers are playing a significant role in protecting, making the Earth a little safer and improving our lives.  

The world is an ever-growing one, and it would not be possible to see how it is Today without the engineer’s contribution. So let’s look at some examples concerning how engineers are making the world a better place to live. 

-With the development of the radio and understanding how radio waves work, flight, space, and sea travel became possible. 

-Telecommunications and sending a message across large land areas without physically traveling that land allows the message to be received quicker. These play a vital role in weather and geographic crises, illness and health emergencies, trade, and more.

-The transistor is an essential component of the circuitry in countless electronic devices, including televisions, cellphones, and computers, making a remarkable impact on technology.

-The advancements in medical technology are conducted by engineer’s teams and working to create the devices that help save lives and improve the quality of life for others.

Engineers are developing solutions for causes all over the world and designing a more sustainable future for everyone. It translates to an extremely challenging and rewarding career, highly diverse, that can positively impact the entire planet and designs a more sustainable future for everyone. 

The role of engineers is not limited to the domains mentioned above or areas, and switching to a career in engineering is within your reach! We’ve highlighted only a few of the ways engineers make a difference in the world. If you’re interested in getting into IT, you can start it right away!

Here is some information why, if you’re looking into possibilities for a new profession, the IT Industry might be a good opportunity and a great career choice for you.


Romania’s IT sector continues to increase at a fast pace, despite all the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its advancement over the last 2 years, magnified in many sectors, represents an indicator of the accelerated digitalization needs for the companies of each industry.

At the same time, Romanian market expertise is showcased by the broad range of technical sectors and highly skilled and creative engineers. We can observe the expansion of start-ups with successful activities in Health, Fintech, Consumer Applications, Big Data, HR, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and many more. 

Information Technology overlaps with every other sector, which makes it a versatile career opportunity. Furthermore, it is driving change in all business spheres, which allows IT professionals to choose a career that encompasses their interests.

Ranking 33rd among 50 best start-up locations worldwide, according to a report by Valuer.AI, Bucharest is mentioned as having a stable and growing local start-up ecosystem. Key industries are trade, cybersecurity, hardware, gaming, and marketing. Romania has reached a high level when it comes to its cybersecurity capabilities as well. The Cybersecurity Competence Center in Bucharest is expected to play a central role in the EU’s battle against ever-growing cyber threats. 

The demand for software engineers is so high that professionals can easily find various IT career opportunities, regardless of their University background. 

What makes a successful software engineer? 

Over the last 11 years, I’ve had the privilege of working and discussing with very talented Romanian engineers. I have learned from them that the key to unlocking excellence beyond technical competence is understanding that the energy and continuous learning mindset are far more important than anything for the evolution of our careers. 

Software engineers need a balanced skill set that includes soft skills like communication, cooperation, flexibility, motivation, and problem-solving. If you cultivate the dedication and motivation to learn and strive for improvement, it’s much easier to learn software coding for your engineering role.

Furthermore, as you will communicate with various people, from your team, junior and senior engineers, clients, other engineers who work in the same company, and more, it’s essential to develop your communication skills.

Collaboration skills are crucial because when everyone on the team works together, brainstorms, and offers various perspectives to provide solutions, these skills contribute to faster problem-solving and more effective solutions.

It is why, to achieve a top-level in professional development, it is essential to blend our technical competencies with a lifelong learning mindset and prepare every day rigorously. And, if we’re willing to accept the challenge, we will be rewarded with the best version of ourselves.  

Bring your passion with you. 

Nowadays, as we experience new things and different situations, we learn and grow, and, with us, our passion will evolve. This is why, regardless of what you do each day, bring your passion with you! And maybe it will lead us in new career directions. There is no age for learning a new skill, and it is easier now than ever to learn online with so many resources and courses. 

The actual peak in the software engineering jobs is yet to come, taking into account the digitalization wave. Thousands of more jobs will get added to the software engineering industry. So if you are planning to become a software engineer, we hope we’ve given you helpful advice on getting started.

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