Iulia Crâşmariu

Iulia Crâşmariu

Human Resources Manager
AUSY Technologies Romania
Human Resources


  • Session: 300RON / one hour

I am a people passionate professional working in the HR sector. I believe in a bright future and our ability to build it together. When we truly take care of the people who it is in our privilege to work with we win.
My background is in engineering with a master degree in HR Management and Optimization methods.
8 years ago, I started my journey in the IT&C. I am running the HR department within Ausy Technologies Romania, with enthusiasm and an amazing team.
HR Professional, Digital Media Specialist, Employer Branding Specialist, IT Recruitment

HR Professional, Digital Media Specialist, Employer Branding Specialist, IT Recruitment.

I’m an HR professional working in the IT sector. My background is in engineering with a master's degree in HR Management and Optimization methods. I joined the HR industry in 2009 and never imagined it would be such a great experience! Besides my full-time job as an HR Manager for Ausy Technologies Romania, now I contribute by volunteering and offering career guidance, IT recruitment training, employer branding, and employee engagement best practices. I count myself fortunate to work alongside my talented colleagues who continuously support me to do my very best.

My first internship in HR showed me the value of working in a positive and supportive environment and learning from the people around me.

We're all unique, and the term "work-life” means something different to everyone. For me, it means spending enough time achieving my goals: in work, but as well devoting time to the people and activities that I love: spending time with my friends and family; writing, playing tennis, swimming, traveling, and volunteering.

For me, getting a warm feeling of happiness from helping someone is one of the biggest benefits of mentoring. You grow together with your mentees, too. The mentorship experience can provide significant professional value to both parties, and you extend the understanding of the current working environment from your mentee's challenges and experiences (that would never usually reach your radar). You may be surprised to see a better side of yourself that you like very much by giving advice and support.

Trying things is the best way to learn! Take a class, join an internship, read, volunteer your work, and talk to people who share your interests. Do that for all of the things you're interested in. Connecting with multiple professionals with varying specialties can be helpful too. Focus on the strengths of each mentor and determine how you can harness that knowledge. There are many amazing people out there who are great at what they do. The point is, a mentor can be anyone, anywhere. Do their backgrounds and current responsibilities interest you? Reach out to them and let them know you are interested in learning more about them and what they do. And keep in mind that nowadays, as we experience new things and different situations, our interests will evolve. This is why, regardless of what you do each day, bring your passion with you! And maybe it will lead us in new career directions.