Raluca Mocanu

By Raluca Mocanu, Sustainability Specialist

I decided almost two years ago to join the beautiful community of She is Mom because they align with my beliefs to help and support moms and women in vulnerable conditions to grow and develop their skills and self-confidence.

I am a mom of a son with severe disability, but this made me to be better and more emphatic in my daily life to see above the tasks and deadlines. So he was the trigger to try a new career path because he gave me the strength to go forward. And I think I made a good decision because I enjoy my work and the impact I bring to my work daily.

I had some turning points in my career, from being a lecturer at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, in the field of wastewater treatment, to the actual position that includes multiple tasks related to environmental compliance and social engagement in the community.

My focus is on sustainability, emerging knowledge of what healthy and sustainable living means and how it contributes to reducing environmental household footprint and helping people make a positive change because sustainability is not only related to the daily work task but also to our activities at home, in nature or the community we live.

Also, having an academic background gives me the chance to imprint knowledge in an easy and fun way.

When you need to “restart” yourself, be curious and search what is needed on the market, what is in focus, and why you want to change your life.

If you see the need for sustainable living every day, I am the right person to answer your questions and challenge you to become better and apply the learnings. With me by your side, you can develop the skills such as:

• How to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close a project.

• How to implement long-term plans according to set budgets and goals for a sustainable business model.

• How to enable and follow-up sustainability performance and progress based on the business plans and reporting methods.

• How to proactively identify challenges and opportunities and/or support the business to overcome challenges and optimize opportunities.

Just be curious and be bold to make changes that can bring you on new paths in your career and life. Because if you are afraid to make the step, you can miss the chance to become a better you.