Raluca Mocanu

Raluca Mocanu

Sustainability Specialist
IKEA Romania
Project Management


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I am passionate about sustainability, education, and problem solver seeker.
I have graduated from the Politehnica University of Bucharest with specialization in wastewater treatment solutions, an educational background that helped me teaching students in research activities in national and international programs.
7 years ago, in my professional life occurred a 180 degrees shift in learning new skills in extended producer responsibilities reporting, compliance with national and European legislation and implementation of companies’ sustainability approaches towards employees, customers, and communities.

I want to use all the environmental expertise, legislative, and analysis knowledge acquired through active and continuous improvement to help others discovering new ways in their personal development.

Environmental Expert, Sustainability Specialist

I’m an environmental engineer, and at this point in my life, I am a Sustainability Specialist in the retail area.

In my life, I had some turning points in my career, from being a lecturer at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, in wastewater treatment, to the actual position that includes multiple tasks related to environmental compliance and social engagement in the community.

My child was the trigger point to try a new path in my career because he has a severe disability, and he gave me the strength to go forward. And I consider that I made a good decision because I enjoy my work and the impact I bring in my work every day.

Work-life balance is very hard to be achieved when you are a working mom in hybrid conditions due to current sanitary conditions. But I rely on my close ones. I try to profit at the maximum of my free time by going out with family and friends, taking long walks into the city to discover its unseen face, and enjoying my hobby, handmade jewelry.

One of my tasks in the company is to share the concept of sustainability among my colleagues, and it brings absolute joy when I see them very curious about it because sustainability is not only related to the daily work task but also our activities at home, in nature or the community we live. Also, having an academic background gives me the chance to imprint the knowledge in an easy and fun way.

Dear you, please be curious, be bold to make changes that can bring you on new paths in your careers and life. Because if you are afraid to take the step, you can miss the chance to become a better you.