Gabriela Mandrea

By Gabriela Mandrea, Consultant | Coach | Mentor

I received with lots of joy the challenge to write an article for my beloved She is Mom community, and I feel lucky to have the chance to put on paper, well…on-screen…few thoughts during one of the richest times of the year.

Autumn is the harvest season not only for the farmers and field workers but for each of us is time to harvest what we have planted during the year in our minds and souls. Lots of experiences and learning have been accumulated starting in January, just after we have set up our New Year resolutions, and with enthusiasm and new energy, we have freshened up life or professional projects, making promises to ourselves that we will learn a new skill, or we will look for a new job, or activate the “I will be promoted” plan, be more assertive, communicate more, be bold and visible!

And after the last two tough years, I am sure all of you contemplated a more balanced lifestyle while spending more time with your loved ones, eating more balanced, exercising more, reading more books and watching more movies, hanging out with a friend, connecting with nature….

And the cold weather is here acting like a cold shower: Oh Gosh, another year is gone, 6 weeks to Christmas! We get ready to celebrate and make lists for gifts, not to mention the preparation for the year to come.

My intent here is to bring a drop of inspiration for you to take time to reflect now before the winter holidays will start rolling over you.

How was your year, dear friend? Do you feel fulfilled and happy?

At the end of each day, month or year, this remains the bottom line question… To live a happy and fulfilled life is an obligation we have for ourselves, and it is not so difficult to achieve when we are intentional about it. We often come across motivational phrases and advice, lectures, and podcasts about the 5 or 10 steps for a happier life, how to be a better mom, and how to reach mindfulness and perform higher in a high-pressure environment.

These are useful tools and help if you are ready for growth.

I urge you to take a few hours in November to sink in a forest, walk along a river, sit on a bench under a colorful tree and BE with yourself! Get ready for growth!

Give yourself permission to look inside, be honest about what you see, accept you aren’t perfect and set a goal about how imperfect you need to be to reach the happiness you deserve!

Hold that creative energy when you are building the plans for next year. And you will know who you want to be and the steps needed to make it happen.

And if you are not ready, that’s ok too…

I would love to hear about your journey in a November forest…