Iulia Ivan

Iulia Ivan

Vice president, Entrepreneur, Mentor
Beyond Business, Owner
Business Operations Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Sales & Business Development Finance / Investment / Accounting Human Resources Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Project Management Retail / Consumer Goods Startups / Innovation


  • Session: 200RON / one hour

I am a senior executive with over a decade of experience in growing businesses. I love creating a harmonious, mental, emotional healthy, and gender-balanced work environment on the road to successfully achieving financial and organizational targets.

My experience comes from a variety of businesses and personal development toward high performance. Two years ago, I started my entrepreneurship journey by offering support to leaders and entrepreneurs in growing businesses, developing high-performance teams, in balance with their personal dreams
Areas of expertise are general management, leadership, coaching, sales, marketing strategies, cost reduction, future investment, and innovation.
My mission is simple: I would like to see more healthy businesses with happy owners who dare to live their dream life (including not compromising their families).
On the other hand, I am always looking to support women to have an accomplished personal and professional life.

General management
Marketing strategies
Cost reduction
Future investment
Personal growth

Iulia is an executive, entrepreneur, and business consultant with over 13 years of leadership and business growth. My mission is to support female leaders and entrepreneurs to lead and grow their businesses through unraveling their inner treasures. My method is unique on the market combining management and business strategies with psychotraumatology, NLP, spirituality, and many more.

For me, it wasn’t an “aha moment.” It was more of an accumulation of events, experiments, and hard work.

For me, work-life balance means self-care, setting healthy boundaries, and a lot of planification. Much ease in my life came from understanding what is good for me and what is not and choosing to do more of what is feeding my heart and soul.
Until 3 years ago, I was an overachiever and a workaholic, and I still feel the repercussions today. Being so close to burnout pushed me to understand how to work in such a way that allows me to feel good, thrive at work, and still have a personal life.
Reconnecting with myself made a huge impact on my personal and work life, helping me get closer to a balance.

An honor, a challenge, and lots of learning. For someone to give their trust in me is a huge deal and, at the same time, a responsibility. On the other hand, I found it absolutely rewarding for me to see the enthusiasm and happiness that mentees are experiencing after a breakthrough.
I also learn a lot from my mentees, and they are helping me too to improve myself and my work.

Never stop believing.
No matter the age, sex, skin color, sexual orientation, etc.
Be a dreamer and a go-getter.
I have overcome a lot of pain and sadness throughout my life, but seeing people who stopped believing in themselves, their dreams, and who they can be and become for a better life, is still and will be heartbreaking for me.