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In a constantly changing job market, She is Mom aims to be a complete solution for any employer, from listing professional profiles to mentoring programs, tailored services, and benefits for current and future employees in your company. She is Mom is the only platform that offers integrated services for companies and employees (moms and parents in general), an a-z solution, and an innovative concept in the Edtech and HRtech market.


We support women’s careers, and we create bridge opportunities between companies and professionals to make the work environment and life more rewarding. We want to increase the number of female entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to make a difference in the business world. We are looking to educate more women and moms for top management roles in companies.

We are looking for companies that want to reintegrate women into the labor market, that are serious about retaining and hiring skilled and talented women, and make way for the education and progress of their employees. We are dedicated to offer them personal and professional development focused on identifying their goals and accessing the resources needed to achieve them.

She is Mom invites companies to join the global goals of quality education, gender equality, and reduced inequalities.

Why choose She is Mom services

Are you looking to hire skilled and talented professionals to work within your company?

Hiring just became faster & easier. With a few clicks, you can find the best talent today!

Join our platform, create a job posting, and we will find you the right match.

You will have access to a selection of highly skilled professionals to match your job requirements.

By matching your openings to our members' profiles, you will have a shortlist in an hour instead of a week. All the information you need is already here.

The profiles include a video presentation and a portfolio (diplomas, certifications, references, work samples, etc.)

Why hire a Mom?

Mothers are interested in positions and companies that offer stability, support, opportunities, and flexibility.

  • You will find a professional, a person with organizational skills, attention to detail, creativity.
  • Mothers are aces in project management. With limited resources, mothers face any challenge.
  • Mothers are masters in multitasking.
  • Mothers learn and adapt quickly. Being a mother is not a job you train to do, but they do it, so learning new skills is in their formation.

Gain insights and fresh approaches that will help you increase your talent pool, encourage diverse perspectives to drive individual and team performance, and eliminate impediments to create an inclusive workplace where employees feel that their endeavors are valued.

Create a job posting and we will find you the right match.

Our tailored programs focus on understanding your organization's needs to create a strategy and objectives for your business development.

We support the employees' continuous development, and our experts create customized training and implement long-term solutions for your company.

These programs ensure the possibility for professional development, career advancement, or internal mobility.

The benefits for your company:

  • Connect the team members
  • Boost their confidence and responsibility
  • Develop the soft and hard skills of your employees

The tailored programs we develop:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A fair & inclusive approach to teamwork to facilitate greater engagement and generate more productivity, creativity, and problem-solving.

Retention program

We designed this program to bring face2face employers and employees and find the best solutions in a constantly changing labor market.

Me pregnant

The program, a 8 weeks journey for future moms & dads, answers the questions every parent to be has.

Empowered women: discover how to bring out the leader in you

Our women leadership program’s main objective is to prepare current and future leaders to discover how to lead, understand their capabilities, and become influential leaders.

Seeing is not always believing

By allowing us to guide you for a few hours, you might gain more awareness of inclusion and on not taking things for granted.

Performant moms – A program for reintegration after maternity leave

Supporting moms' reintegration after maternity is vital for the performance of any company.

Our programs will be customized for your company’s unique context and culture.

Are you looking for mentors for your employees?

You can choose the right mentors for your employees from various specialists who can contribute to the growth of a strong and healthy team. Mentoring in organizations enables both career development and leadership development to help employees gain new skills and feel engaged with co-workers in your organization.

Create your requirements for mentoring. You may support your employees in their professional development through high-quality mentoring and accelerate your business growth. She is Mom owns the most diverse and high-quality network of international mentors and will advise you in choosing the proper professional mentoring in all areas of activity.

By offering mentoring programs to your employees, you can:

  • Deliver cost-effective, scalable programs
  • Improve employee retention
  • Improve responsibility & self-development


of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs


of companies reported that mentoring had a positive impact on their profits


of companies reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring


of employees said they would stay longer with a company if they were offered learning and growth opportunities


of people with a mentor say that their company offers them good opportunities to advance in their career


of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater trust

Are you looking for great benefits for the well-being of your employees?

Our mission is to reinvent the future of jobs inside the companies by sustaining a healthy HR strategy.

Choose the benefits for your employees, especially for parents.

Access She is mom’s training, courses, professional and personal benefits for your employees & you will get the best offers in the market.

She is mom has developed the only and most diversified network of professional experts that can provide expertise to your employees, increasing job satisfaction and commitment.

Employees love benefits. They want appreciation and recognition for their hard work. Many employees apply for organizations depending on the perks and benefits offered by that company.

Job satisfaction is directly tied up with employee satisfaction. Ignoring employee satisfaction will ultimately lead to a decrease in commitment. Thereby causing a lack of motivation, efficiency, and finally productivity.

Invest in women's education by offering reskilling courses made by She is MOM trainers.

After courses, you can also hire them.

Changing careers is not easy. A mother is struggling with a lot of careers. At some point, she wants something else, something more, something different, and she has the courage to do it.

Invest your CSR budget and Qualify moms for the jobs of the future


  • Technology development requires reconversion.
  • Education opens doors.


  • She is Mom can train your current and future employees.
  • Create a scholarship program for moms
  • Invest in your future employees

Make it happen now.

Analyze and improve current and future employees performance and productivity.

The assessment tools will give you clear and objective information.

You will be able to:

  • Identify potential candidates and top performers.
  • Save time & money by reducing recruitment time.
  • Identify areas for coaching and development.
what do you gain

What do you gain?

  • Grow your business
  • Hire faster more talented people
  • Increase employee retention
  • Develop new opportunities for your current and future employees
  • Resources & Support
  • Become an ambassador for education and social impact in your community
  • Support women and moms to achieve their full potential

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