Frequently asked questions

Here, you may find the answers to your questions about She is Mom and what we offer.

We offer the full spectrum of personal and professional development services, mental well-being, mid-level managers, and individual and executive leadership programs.
Women are looking for companies and roles to support their professional development. She is Mom, connects women and companies, and ensures the process goes well.
The candidates on our platform are looking for family-friendly employers that support work and life balance. They are professionally achieved and have, on average, an advanced degree.

We want the companies who choose to work with us to be committed, honest, and ready to seek new solutions for their actual and future employees.

A representative of your company will register and start creating the company's profile.
A profile includes a description of the company, and the roles open in your company, the mentoring programs your company needs, and the benefits you want to offer for the company's employees. More details on how to create your profile.
Create an engaging video that showcases the best of your business. It will be featured on your She is mom profile.
Create a job posting, and we will find you the right match.
Create your requirements for mentoring. You may support your employees in their professional development through high-quality mentoring and accelerate your business growth.
Choose the benefits for your employees, access She is mom's training, courses, professional and personal benefits for your employees & you will get the best offers in the market.

Your company's profile will be available to the candidates that create a complete profile on the She is Mom platform and are a match for your open position.

She is Mom is suitable for companies of all sizes. We work with small businesses and medium and large companies.

We have different programs specifically for this, and you will have to tell us precisely what you are looking for. The company has complete management of the employees, but She is mom is here to offer assistance in the situations that may occur.

By completing the information regarding your needs for the mentoring program, we will then give recommendations.

It depends on your company's goals and needs. Our mentors will assess and recommend what is best suited for each employee's challenges.

No, She is mom offers several services for companies, and if your company does not hire, you do not have to post a job. If you post a job, we will match the job description with the profiles of women from the community.

After you create a profile and add an open position, we will match you with the best-suited candidates. At this point, you will only see a few details. You will have to choose a subscription or pay specifically for this service to have full access. More information in She is MOM company subscriptions.

Contract, freelance, permanent opportunities, professional reconversion opportunities.

Members of our platform find us through word of mouth and social media. Additionally, we partner with a recruiting agency, different women, and professional organizations to create awareness.

The company. She is Mom is here to match your company's open positions with qualified and talented professionals.

You can join She is Mom from any location. She is mom's first and foremost objective is to be international.

Yes, it is. The profile needs to be completed in English.

We hope so. We created the platform as a support for every member of the community.

If the answer you are looking for is not here, feel free to send us an email and we will answer all your questions.