Ashley R. Cottrell

By Ashley R. Cottrell, Freelance writer. Content Marketing Specialist.

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Tending to our kids, pets, and other tasks around the house is busy enough, so working from home can definitely get overwhelming at times. How do working moms balance it all without experiencing burnout?

The key is organization! Simply put, a clutter-free space will help you operate much more efficiently. Of course, organization skills aren’t every woman's superpower. Fortunately, with the right tools and support, you’ll be well on your way!

Here are a few easy yet effective ways to stay organized in your workspace and boost productivity.

1. Create To-Do Lists

It’s natural to feel slightly burdened when daily tasks pile up. In fact, studies show tasks we don’t get to for the day can become a distraction. On a positive note, it’s the psychology of writing things down that keeps us focused on the task at hand and feeling accomplished once checked off.

2. Tracking Sheets

In the same manner of to-do lists, tracking sheets ensure that important things are easily accessible to reference in case you forget them. Why pressure yourself to memorize everything (which can cause stress!), when you can write them down safely within reach?

From business passwords to watering your houseplants, you can always put tracking sheets to good use.

3. Calendars

Last but not least, calendars allow us to see the bigger picture of our schedules. While a list can help keep you motivated for the day, a calendar helps scope your availability at a larger scale and how that fits into what everyone else has going on simultaneously.

Thanks to technology, we no longer have to rely on just hardcopy calendars (even though they still come in handy!). Smartphones and desktops both enable you to sync your digital calendars and create automatic reminders of important dates, calls, and events. Take advantage of them!

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