Manuela Berceanu-Paquete

Manuela Berceanu-Paquete

Support Engineering Manager
Tech / Data Project Management


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I have started my career 15 years ago in Romania, in an open and inclusive environment where I developed a sense of shared purpose, empowerment and collaboration. This journey continued till today and I am very proud to look back and see the impact and contribution that I had over the years.

One of my true passions was to help the others, in any possible way, so the fact that I was supporting our customers in their projects, was already one of the biggest achievements. I travelled the world, worked with people around the globe and I am a big promoter of the diversity at any level.
Some years ago, it came the opportunity to lead a team in EMEA region, so when this opportunity came around, I clutched it with both hands.
As a leader, I play an important role in creating clarity, empowering people and driving success by modelling, coaching and caring. I believe in the power of teams and that it’s people that make a business successful.

My life has been a tapestry of multi-cultural, multi-country experiences, so the fact that I lead a very diverse team, located in different sites around EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region makes me really happy. I deeply appreciate the chance to be a mentor for She is Mom, to be able to support you in your journeys and open your perspectives to the endless opportunities that exist out there. As a mom of twins and a professional, I can almost guarantee you that everything you can picture, it is definitely possible to achieve it.
Hope that gives you a quick snapshot of my life and career. I look forward to getting to know you!

Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Project Management