Ramona Teodora Pop

Ramona Teodora Pop

Trainer, Life Coach and Counsellor
Human Resources Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development Public Speaking


  • Introductory call: 30minutes FREE
  • Session: 250RON / one hour

My professional skills come from 3 directions: training, coaching and counseling - all oriented towards personal development.From the field of training, I bring personal experience and expertise as well as established theoretical models. From the coaching training, I bring support for evolution and personal growth. From the counseling area, I bring support in overcoming obstacles and personal limitations.
I believe that everyone deserves to be encouraged to follow the direction that they want and that is impactful to them. So I really want to help people on their personal journeys, support them to discover and value themselves and achieve a better quality of life both now and in the future.
My approach is a humanistic one, centered on the client's needs and on the trust that he has resources and/or can acquire new ones to support him in what he proposes.
The certifications that complete my experience and from where I have extracted a good part of the work tools are those of Trainer - ANC accredited (2018), Personal Development Counselor - ANC accredited (in 2018), Coaching Specialist - ANC accredited (2020), Points of You practitioner Level 1 and 2 (2021, 2022), Genos Practitioner (2022).

Life Coaching
Mentoring for positions such as Trainer, Human Resources Business Partner
Counseling for personal development

I am an altruistic person and willing to support those around me in moments of difficulty. Being able to contribute to people's evolution for a better future motivates me and brings me great satisfaction.
I am an economist by profession and the most consistent professional activity is in the field of human resources in the area of ​​career development.
In 2018 I started the journey towards the field of counseling for personal development and then towards that of coaching. Around that time I also started my activity as a trainer for the soft skills area.

I started working with people and for people in 2000 after graduating from college.
However, the moment I started to specialize professionally was during a difficult period on a personal level when I felt the need to bring diversity and depth to the work in human resources field. Starting from this, I ended up re-discovering myself and creating new professional ambitions.

During maternity leave, I made the decision to change my job. Thus, the resumption of activity coincided with employment in a new company and in a business that was quite new at that time - IT.

Now that my daughter is an adult, work-life balance means working the same way I like to live: with the same enthusiasm, joy and with warm people eager to evolve.

Mentoring for me is a way of showing generosity - which is one of the personal values ​​that guide me.

I am here to support you to build, to value yourself and to evolve in the way that suits you best, so that you have courage, dare, trust and discover that you are worth it.
Dare to take the lead and fly!