Cosmin Neacșu

Cosmin Neacșu

Chief Executive Officer
YouStars Creative Agency
Design / Creative industries Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur


  • Session: 350RON / one hour

I, Cosmin Andrei Neacsu, do things with passion and responsibility. Since high school, I was attracted by images and photos, and I understood from practice that a well-captured image could suggest more than a thousand words spoken. At the age of 17, I founded the YouStars concept, where I intertwined the passion of a hobby with the values and creativity put at the service of people.

I have over 6 years of experience in video production, creation, and editing, offering partners complete products. I have the necessary expertise to manage clients and their work through empathy, involvement, listening to their voices, and creativity.
For me, it is essential to understand and offer the client what he wants because the clients' objectives are different. Understanding everyone's business is vital to know how to give him what he needs to be successful. The delivered videos bring added value by going exactly to maximizing the company's sales figure. What you create impacts sales directly and makes its mark on the marketing and management strategy for companies.
We have done projects for big brands, organized events with a national impact, and made successful video campaigns with a significant impact on social media. Among my creative entrepreneurial projects is the animated series "The Adventures of LittleEdu," where I made my mark by creating a unique character for children by mixing valuable educational content with animation and video that fascinates me.

I am a free spirit, visionary, brave in finding solutions, and being flexible in giving people more to help them evolve.

Videography, Brand Design, Illustration, Animation, Graphic Design, Ad Design, Video Editing, Visual Design, 3D

I am Cosmin Andrei Neacsu, and I make everything with passion and responsibility. When I was 17, I created the YOUSTARS concept, where my hobby quickly was transformed into something beneficial, a concept where creativity helped people. My starting portfolio, where the most significant Youtube events in Romania, some of them were for charity and, overall these events have reached over 7 million Romanians. I am directly involved in social-oriented projects, like renovating schools, fundraising for sick children, and other social events that build up and unite communities.
In the last year, I have shifted all my attention towards education and how we can facilitate the knowledge to the younger pupils, which is why Little Edu was born. It is the first Romanian animated superhero with all the wisdom and the abilities to teach children starting 3 years old all about the world. I have over 6 years of experience in video production, creative craftsmanship, editing, and I am a client-oriented professional, offering complete products for companies through YouStars Creative.
The clients' objectives are different, and it takes other skills to know precisely what they want to be delivered, and I have gained the knowledge, competence, and empathy to know exactly what is expected from a production like this. The videos that I create bring added value to a company and really help maximize the profits, having a direct impact on sales and a special touch on the company's marketing and management.

I always knew that the creative way would be my way of seeing everything. It all started when I was very young, and I started drawing and having my first art show in Pitesti, my hometown. This was just the start of everything. Then I began to self-learn everything about video editing, filming, and photographic art. This area was mesmerizing for me, and everything fell into place once I realized this would be my career path.

The work-life balance is not equally stabilized right now, as I have the drive for hard work now, as I’m still in love with what I do. I won’t lie, and I will admit that it took me some time to get where I am right now. There were days with 15-16 hours on the computer, no weekends, no day/night routines, but it was worth it for me. Nowadays, I try to keep my weekend off, as I need the time to recharge my creative batteries, but if the projects have an urgent deadline, I will be on point, as this is a quickly evolving industry.

Being a mentor, for me, it’s a huge accomplishment by itself. The simple fact that I can share my experience with people passionate about this line of business will be a delight for me. I live and breathe for creative video production.

What I have learned so far from my whole experience in this industry is to genuinely find what you love to do, and you will feel like not working but enjoying every second of it. Choose wisely, work hard for your dream, be proactive, learn to learn, expect criticism, and be true to your creative mind.