Dana Dumitrașcu

Dana Dumitrașcu

Life Coach & Vocational Counselor
Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur


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Dana Dumitrașcu is a Life Coach, couples counselor and vocational counselor.
Dana lived in the United States for a decade and came back to Romania at the end of 2018.
She is also a Lector at the Calea Victoriei Foundation.
An expert in communication and Leadership training, Dana trained many executives and professionals in Romania and the US.
Dana worked as a journalist as well. Out of her 17-year communications expertise, her 4-year media experience includes working as a News Anchor, a News Reporter, a magazine editor, and a Talk show moderator.
Between 2004-2006, Dana served as National Vice President with Junior Chamber International Romania.
Between 2013-2018 Dana was honored as a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum.

Preparing to make important life changes in your personal and professional life

Dana Dumitrascu is a Life Coach, Vocational Counselor and Transformative Family Mediator. She is a Lector with Calea Victoriei Foundation in Bucharest, a mother with a big family, and a poet. She is a Mentor with She Is Mom and hopes to contribute to other people’s lives in the process of clarifying their vocation or making important life decisions.

2015 was an important year for me – it’s when I started my path towards becoming a family mediator. I had been a communications and multiculturalism consultant and trainer for over 16 years at the time, so discovering the worlds of sociology, decision-making, and psychology was what changed my own life and career path.

Being a mother to my children is what I call a sine qua non condition for my work. It would be impossible to be a family mediator and a vocational counselor (especially when working with pre-teens and teens) if I hadn’t had my own experience as a mother.

To have time for my family, to have time to walk, cook, write and read, and not feel a week has passed where hours of work were so crammed in my schedule that I wasn’t able to dedicate at least 30% of my active time to my family.

To help other people make decisions from a space of clarity and certainty, rather than fear and uncertainty – especially related to their work or family.

The greatest satisfaction in life comes from being able to contribute to others’ well-being.
Many women find it hard to access the same level of contribution they have as mothers, in their own family, within an organization. Many women live with a huge internal conflict regarding their contribution and self-work, which deprives them from fully enjoying both work and family.