Patricia Andrei

Patricia Andrei

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Caring and empathic, I accompany people in connecting with their inner strengths, overcoming their limiting believes and reframing their thinking so they live a whole-hearted live.
I blend my humanistic education and professional career with my parenting and coaching passion and strive using them in the benefit of others who may be searching for a different perspective or a new option.
We all have ‘blind spots’. We all struggle with heavy armors to protect our vulnerabilities. We all face ambiguity, uncertainty and imperfection. And we all strive to do the best we can!
I can be your companion in those times when you’re looking for ways to get up and move forward, reconnecting with your strengths and resources.
About me:
Personal life: Passionate mother of two teenage daughters, Supportive Partner, Loving Daughter and Older Sister, Loving animals, nature and caravan camping, travel, reading and writing, good food and cooking, handcrafts, beautiful people.
Professionally: 20+ years of Corporate Citizenship in Executive Human Resource Management, Financial Industry and High Tech. Large Team Management experience. Mentoring & Leadership Development. HR Strategic Consulting. Practitioner Coach.
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Leadership Development, HR Strategic Consulting, Practitioner Coach

As a professional, I dedicated my career to the Human Resources domain. I performed in complex and high-standards corporate business environments, having a solid track record in creating and implementing effective people strategies and rolling out complex employee-centered programs. After 20 years of corporate citizenship, I dared to take a step into the entrepreneurial world. I opened an HR Consulting business where I worked with both private and corporate clients, offering solutions to develop human capital through coaching and/or tailor-made interventions. I recently took over a new assignment of contributing to the transformation journey of a large banking organization.

When I was 17, I had to go through a severe health problem and had to spend a couple of months in hospital. This experience, which got me much closer to people and their life struggles, made me realize that I would like to have a people-centered career. And this is where my steps took me … taking my diploma, then joining a recruitment agency and later my first HR role, and steadily growing my career and diversifying my experience and skills.

Entering motherhood felt like a most-wanted promotion … challenging and rewarding at the same time. I genuinely believe that I found new powers and imperceptibly strengthened ‘new muscles.’ Being a parent made me become more self-aware and thrive to become a better person my kids would look up to. As such, I also capitalized on these new strengths in my job. And I continue to do so as we speak.

For me, work-life balance means finding the time to live in the present as well as think about the future.

I expect a mentor to act as a ‘sounding board’ and guide you through your ideas, widen your perspectives and challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs.

I’ve learned so far that life is a journey of self-discovery and continuous learning. And I chose to stay curious, see the opportunity behind a failure and learn to appreciate what is good about my life.