Nina Ann Walters

Nina Ann Walters

Managing Director
Business Operations Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur


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Entrepreneur helping companies to expand internationally. Over a decade of experience in over 30 countries with a focus on strategy and Getting Things Done.

Mentor, Management, Start-ups

Hi, I'm Nina. I am the founder and Managing Director of Expandise, an internationalisation consultancy with offices in Berlin and London. We help companies to expand internationally, and have experience in over 50 markets. When I'm not running the business, I help teach MBA students at ESMT Berlin, or work on my PhD that I am currently undertaking through VU Amsterdam. I believe passionately in women's entrepreneurship, and have spoken around the world on the topic.

When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher, then a politician, then a lawyer - I had no interest in business. I fell into the startup scene after moving to Berlin in my early twenties. After that it slowly became an inevitable conclusion - I always wanted to do more, to achieve more, and to be in control of making that happen. I was working in expansion and really enjoyed researching various markets and understanding the different cultures and how that impacted their buying behaviour. I was hooked!

I think the main thing about work-life balance is that it means something different to everybody. For me, I work long hours, but always have the freedom to take a few days off to travel and take some time out. That flexibility to structure my own time is essential in helping me keep in balance and making sure I look after myself.

I love being a mentor! There are so many people with great ideas and ambitious goals that simply don't know where to start, or might not have the self-confidence to just jump in. It is never easy to start up something new, and there is a lot of 'survivor bias', and it's important that people have access to founders who will tell them the truth about the difficulties they face, as well as inspiring them. I was inspired by those around me, and I am to do the same for people I mentor.

Just do it. You'll never know if you don't try! It's better to try it and fail than to always wonder 'what if?'