Grațiela Marineaţă

Grațiela Marineaţă

Violinist, Life Coach
Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development


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In addition to music, my love for life and people, brought me here to help you (re) discover your Divine Power and Potential within you.
I guide you to manifest the best version of your existence, living a happy and fulfilling life!

Coaching, Music

Before any role she can play in this world, Grațiela Marineață is a Being who chooses to enjoy more and more what Life offers her, who always listens to her heart, feeling, living, experiencing how she sings to her. I am a Soul eager for evolution, and my great intention is to generate joy and harmony in my life and the lives of others.
My mission is manifested both in music, through the sounds of the violin, and in the field of personal development, life coaching, and mentoring.

I think that happened when we were children, and we knew what missions we had and what we wanted to do in life. At the age of 5, I said I wanted to make music and help people. As for music, it has always been present in my life, and I like to think that the violin chose me. I wanted to study the piano, actually, but the day my father enrolled me in “Dinu Lipatti” Art High School from Pitești, there were no more places available at that section.
It all happens with a purpose, and things fit together, and then it turned out exactly how it was most beneficial to me. I started to study the violin at the age of 7, participating in the following years in Olympics, national and international competitions. Later, I attended the National University of Music Bucharest - Violin section courses, which I graduated in 2013.
Then followed many projects and collaborations, with wonderful artists such as HAVASI, recognized as the fastest pianist globally, Smokie, Nicolae Voiculeț, Anthony Icuagu, Pitt Lefer, numerous TV and radio appearances with Alexandra Stan, Nadir, AMI, F. Charm, etc. I performed in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, and Dubai, where I lived for a year, singing for extraordinary events held in some of the most luxurious locations, including the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Four Seasons Hotel Dubai. We released two cover albums, one in 2016 - “With Love, Graziella,” the second in 2019 - "Infinity."
In terms of personal development, the other field in which I manifest my mission, I have always been open to evolution. At the age of 19, I began the transformation and the journey to my Divine Essence, to what I truly am, descending deeper and deeper into mine. Over the years, I have been interested in looking at things in-depth and knowing how to enjoy this wonderful life, love, prosperity, fulfillment. We quickly realized that Life perfectly reflects what we think and feel, and our experiences are just the consequences.
I have invested a lot in myself, worked, and worked every day on my soul because it is a continuous process. I initiated and practiced Reiki, Theta Healing, Energy Dance, and various complementary therapies.
My love for life and people, the thirst for knowledge and evolution, guided me to qualify in 2020 as a Life Coach, to pass on, officially, tools that also helped me transform and become more aware of life.
As a mentor, I then started this beautiful collaboration for SHE IS MOM, a platform for women, with the mission to prepare and guide them in their personal and professional development.
Fortunately, I listened to my inner guidance, and now I do these things as a violinist, life coach, and mentor precisely.

For me, the balance between personal and professional life means the harmony I can enjoy by being present in both areas of my life, not to exclude the other. To balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives, balance and harmony must exist, first of all, in us. For them to exist, to develop, it is essential to form certain habits through which to offer ourselves quality time with our Soul. We can start the day by cultivating our state of gratitude, by reading something that inspires us through prayer, meditation, exercise, moments of peace, and presence.
When we spend the morning in this way, the day will unfold with more ease and joy so that the well-being that we have cultivated will impact all our activities, so all areas of life.

Being a mentor involves great responsibility and represents both the love of giving others what you are and what you have become after all the experiences that Life has brought you. The power to be of actual use guides them to rediscover and manifest the Divine Potential within them.

Always listen to your Soul, because he knows best which way to go. Live more and more present and be grateful for everything because everything you experience contributes to the Soul's evolution and what you are meant to become.