Mihaela Ianole

Mihaela Ianole

Entrepreneur, Owner (Self-Employed)
Project Management Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur


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In life, it is important what we leave behind both materially and spiritually, proof of our passage through this world, and I want to build for people and to inspire them by my own example.
I'm Mihaela Ianole, and I like to see people's progress and that everyone can, through purpose to contribute to a better change in this world and in the communities in which we live.
I come to you, the one who is looking for answers for his life and career with expertise and experience over 7 years in sales, administration, and management of business relationships with customers and partners, 12 years of marketing coordination in a multinational company with a history of 100 years and 2 years of social entrepreneurship.
My practical experience doubled by remarkable results has in mind: support for people translated into customer satisfaction. I coordinated the entire marketing activity in one company, public relations, marketing, and budgetary CSR. I initiated and implemented concepts creative for corporate events, and I coordinated such events, presentations of companies. I coordinated relations with the press and clients.
The consulting part is also my favorite field in the following areas of interest: project management, quality management (I am an internal accredited auditor for the System of Quality Management ISO9001: 2008), marketing strategies, and campaigns.
I went through a series of courses and training over the years, gaining knowledge on which I want to share with everyone.
Now I am an entrepreneur, and I can successfully offer you consultancy in the mentioned fields, and I realized that it is important to give back to the society in which we live something in return for future generations. This is how I became a promoter of the CSR project in coordinating the renovation of schools in the rural area within an association.
And we succeeded by involving private companies and local communities to renovate and equip 14 schools in the disadvantaged regions of Romania, thus proving that together we can change the world if we want to.
Social entrepreneurship projects are part of my soul because they bring change concrete for the good of society, mobilizes our forces, and make us better. Good deeds do a wonderful world for every person in the community in which they live.
The personal goal is to inspire others to find their vocation through authenticity and follow sustained learning and work.
I am an empathetic person, and I believe in the power that each person finds out if there is one partner and a guide for them on the unknown path at first, with sincerity and openness.

Consulting, Projects, Creative concepts, Social entrepreneurship area, CSR

I am a woman with great ideals and dreams who has come close to changing the world with small steps but determined by her own actions and inspiring as many people as possible. Experience in various fields such as marketing, sales, project management, social entrepreneurship, quality management, personal development gives me a great picture of the world in which we live, and thus, I can offer in turn my verified expertise for people who want to amplify their creativity in business but also discover their personal vocation

Since childhood, I have liked people, and I was overflowing with sensitivity. I wanted to discover books and the good. I always knew that I wanted to contribute something to this world. Still, I did not realize how. So I tried several areas that each fulfilled me and brought me extraordinary experiences, and brought me closer to my current dream: to help people through creative projects, concrete acts of help, and what I write.

The arrival of my child was an expected blessing, an honor as a woman beyond the professional side. The impact was a challenging one. At first related to health, but later I understood that this story would send me a message: be close to people by your actions. That's how I started social entrepreneurship; that's how I deepened the project management of business consultancy.
It was a blessing in disguise. On the other hand, my child taught me that what I really want in life is essential, that there are priorities and prioritization, and that well-being and satisfaction of personal work are the most important.

Finding joy and passion in what I do gives me a sense of accomplishment that helps me balance my personal life more efficiently with my professional one. Then, to have the flexibility and benefit from all the advantages that life can offer you, it is good to be able to detach yourself a little from your professional life and reflect on what is really important to you at that moment. It's about priorities and juggling between the two. I have found this balance in entrepreneurship.

To be a mentor in my vision means being a person who has seen more than those I mentor. Being a mentor means listening, identifying with the mentoring applicant the challenges, and offering a different vision than the one this person has in solving the situations faced, based on my expertise and business and life experiences. As a mentor, I can guide people in finding for themselves the solutions adapted to their own business style, thus challenging them continuously to find solutions in their own business style adapted to their own values and objectives. As a mentor, I can reduce various project implementation costs by offering verified recipes and creativity.

Live your own stories, dream of the greatest goals, be your own creators of realities, and share your knowledge. Only in this way will you live forever. In life, it is essential what we leave behind both materially and spiritually, proof of our passage through this world.