Ioana Lacramioara Brecea

Ioana Lacramioara Brecea

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Public Speaking Trainer, Storyteller
Marketing / PR / Media / Branding


  • Session: 700RON / one hour

With an experience of over 16 years in acting and shows in Bucharest, Piatra Neamt, Targoviste, Ploiesti but also another 15 years of experience in Marketing, the MasterClass Master of Crowds is the soul project created by Lacramioara Ioana Brecea to meet the identified need in the years of the corporation, that of communicating and collaborating effectively with friends, business partners, superiors or even the life partner.
A few years ago, during an interview, I was asked what my favorite sweets were, and I answered on the spot: white chocolate. After the interview, I realized that I hadn't eaten white chocolate for a long time, and I didn't understand where this answer came from. I later realized that with the end, at least temporarily, of my career in theater, my daily routine of diction, breathing, and storytelling had also been postponed. It explains that when I was asked an extremely simple question about myself, I was intimidated, lost, and did not know what to answer.
As an automatism, I managed to formulate an answer corresponding to the time I was highly attentive to myself and my daily routines. That's when the Master of Crowds adventure began. Out of necessity. Mine. In this way, I made a carefully chosen program and tested it on myself, having a concept that, at this moment, is unique among the profile training.
I wanted to do a Romanian TED, authentic and valuable, at the end of the Master of Crowds course. But the pandemic came, and everything stopped. So I had to adjust. I wrote a book, released an audiobook, and the classes moved online. In this way, the adventure of Master of Crowds continues, and the brand sits organically and naturally where there is a need in this regard. And every day, I learn something about how to grow and strengthen a brand of soul, what entrepreneurship means and how to continue every day with the same confidence in myself and my product.

Master of Crowds Founder Trainer, Storyteller, Marketeer