Carmen Pericleanu

Carmen Pericleanu

CEO & Founder
HR Recruitment
Business Operations


  • Session: 500RON / one hour

With 10 years of experience in the field of Consulting in Public Procurement and Business Administration, I am an ambitious person with many innovative ideas and ideals.

I like working with people who want to overcome their condition and who love the beauty of life.

I like what I do, I like numbers, I like to win and I like to invest in beautiful and brave people.
Motto: Enjoy life! Be strong!

Procurement, Business Administration

Carmen is a person who believes in women and believes that together we can make the world a better place !!!
In short, Carmen is a dreamer who hopes for a better world, an ambitious and persevering person like all women.
In fact, in everyday life, I try to find a balance between family life, I am the mother of a very curious teenager who is eager to become a great man :) and business, where I feel passion and thirst for knowledge, I feel the need to offer more every day for both me and my partners.
Here is a quote, which I like to believe I can apply on a daily basis: ’’Give to the people you work with / love, wings to fly, roots to return to and reason to stay ", most of the time I succeed, sometimes NOT :).
Consulting in Public Procurement, European Funds and The Range of Cleaning and Facility Management services, because this is what I deal with, are quite versatile and push myself one way or another to keep up with them, to always be able to find new solutions in order to remain on top.

I believe that we humans have the power to somehow project from our childhood what we want from life. I can tell you that it was like that in my case, I wanted it somehow as a child.
As soon as I finished college I was fortunate enough to meet and be around people who inspired and made me ambitious in order to always try to exceed myself and be the best version of me.
So in 2008 I first approached Consulting in public procurement, this being a new field at the time, it was actually not a profession in itself, it was a new concept in development with which I merged very well and which I found suitable to me, so I continued to improve ... and still continue to do so :).
I like to say that I had a revelation somehow or rather I anticipated and in 2010 I applied what I have learned in public procurement in a field that seemed to have nothing to do with my company, namely Cleaning services. Basically, I developed a classic business, such as cleaning, from 5 employees to 200 employees nationwide, based on an online platform that started at the time and that few people knew about and which even fewer trusted. And so began the challenge of proving that it is possible in other ways, with trained and ethical people, with the latest equipment and machinery, with professional solutions and disinfectants, with a well-developed management system ... It was hard if I think back, but it was beautiful :)
At the moment I offer consultancy to my collaborators, both in public procurement and European funds, is in fact my desire to help other young entrepreneurs to develop their business in a healthy and lasting way.

When my son was born, I was relatively young, 25 years old and at the beginning of my business career.
I believe that himself, the business and I grew up together, so each took his own place.
My family, husband and child were for me the motivation to succeed, to prove that it is possible, to make them proud of me, they were my source of energy, therefore I did not feel any weight from this perspective.

The balance, hmm, is hard to keep yourself full of life, not to mention restlessness, that we live.
Honestly, I don't think I've reached this balance yet, you ask me, I'm trying to find it ... I try every day as much as I can to divide the time between family-work-sports-friends- walking the healthy-eating puppy-reading-relaxation-time for me, and to continue indefinitely :)
So, balance is a part of me that I still work with and I must improve, so I will tell you in the next interview how much I have evolved, because we need a life to find the perfect balance, right? :)

First of all, it is an honor, and I would like to thank Alexandra and the team for their trust :)
Being a mentor is a lot to say, because this title carries with it a great spiritual load and responsibility, and I also have a lot to learn from my mentors :)
Being a mentor means being able to be an example to the people around you for what you are as a person both personally and professionally and being able to pass on to them the confidence, inspiration and courage they need to pursue their own dreams !!
What I'm trying to convey to everyone is that in fact, "With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance anything can be achieved," and I didn't say that, but Thomas Buxton did :)

I would tell them to have courage, not to give up to the first failures, to arm themselves patiently and that many times, when you are at a standstill, it is good to, I like to say, DO YOU ASK THE SPECIALIST'S ADVICE?
And fortunately, there are enough SPECIALISTS on our SHE IS MOM platform who can somehow make this journey of future entrepreneurs and not only, be smoother and have more chances of success.
At the end I leave a quote that I really like and that I hope will be just as inspirational for the women who follow us, whether they are mothers or not:

"... Everything you want is beyond. Beyond your fears and assumptions. Beyond the opinions and criticisms of others. Beyond your comfort zone. Beyond your excuses and pretexts. Dare, face them, cross them. "