Coach Gabriela

Coach Gabriela

CG – Consilier pentru dezvoltare personală
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Mental options create real-life contexts!

Hello to all of you, wonderful women, looking for a better and more qualitative lifestyle.
My name is Gabriela, I am a life coach, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a woman, a good driver, a PhD st. In Communication Sciences, a lover of life, an advocate for self-care and self love, a young business woman, a socially responsible individual, a person who has walked down the road of survival only to rise into a life of joy, positiveness and abundance.

I have just opened up on important parts of my identity and so I am asking: Who are you? Do you know who you are? Are you aware of your different identities you carry around and how to harmoniously bring them together?
This is a glimpse into the coaching process towards a certain goal, that is set by a client in its relationship with its coach. My favourite quote on coaching is: A coach sees what you can’t see! and that is the first thing I am offering: an approach towards and objective look into you life patterns, into what you feel but can not name, into what elements have positive or negative impact on your state and mindset. I mix all these with neuroscience inputs, following up on most reputable neuro researchers around the world. What education recommends me?

Well first of all and probably most important: constant self-education. Regarding the more formal one, I am licensed in communication sciences and public relations, I am a certified personal development and life coach, I am a certified trainer, I have graduated a highly-valued performance management course, I am a PhD Student in my final year, I am a student of Peter Sage, on ultimate self-mastery course. I have a background and strong interest into neuroscience, a common trait within the women in my family.

What personal touch most recommends me for this platform?
According to people who know me, including myself, the verb that mostly define me are feel and care. Becoming a coach helped me to learn how to professionally nurture the mind of each and every client just like a mother is supposed to nurture each one of her babies individually and according to specific needs and contexts, all based on a profound and authentic wish for a good morning, a good day, a good week, a good month, a good year and good life.

Skills: personal development, activation of potential, life meaning, relationship coaching, assertive communication, neuroscience-related coaching

Dedicated for all women out there and for all the mothers: I am dedicated to support you in all of your endeavours, focusing on not forgetting about yourself in the process of living, working, becoming a mother, nurturing future healthy adults.

Personal Development, Clarifying thoughts and intentions, Fight Procrastination, Activation of potential, Life meaning, Relationship coaching, Assertive communication, Neuroscience-related coaching, Clar

I am a human with deep passion for human nature.

The first time someone said I helped make their life better.

It is an honour because people allow me to write in their destiny book.

Do not forget, mental ideas translate into real-life contexts.