Raluca Alexandru

Raluca Alexandru

Well-being Coach & Advisor, Culture Strategist, Youth Mentor
Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development
Bucharest, Brasov


  • Introductory call: 30minutes FREE
  • Session: 102EUR / one hour

I’m Raluca and I believe a job doesn’t define our (entire) career. A career represents the sum of our professional experiences. Moreover, it should match our needs, wishes and values.

I’ve always been driven to feed my curiosity and learn new things. That’s why I encourage people to invest in their growth and give themselves time to embrace the next big thing on their development roadmap.

People work with people. People support people. People trust people. People come first and are always together.

Over the past ten years of growing through employer branding projects, I’ve come to understand the essence of communicating the spirit of the companies to people. Due to the nature of my role, I was part of numerous activities and working environments where the meaning of “career” was the central motive of discussions.

As a coach, I guide people to reach their state of wellbeing, both on a personal and professional level. I support each person who wants to explore new development perspectives and discover transformational self-growth.

Areas I work with people through coaching processes:
● Career development and transition
● Performance and growth mindset
● Wellbeing and resilience

Our perception and our ability to observe our thoughts and feelings is what makes us human beings. We owe it to ourselves to live our lives to the fullest while we have the chance.

In the end, our story can always be redesigned from a different perspective and begin again.
There is a first for everything. You got the power.

Coaching, Well-being routines, Employer Branding, Change Strategy, Youth Mentorship.