Andrei Victor Vasilică

Andrei Victor Vasilică

IANLP Master Coach, Keynote Speaker, Senior Trainer.
Andrei-Victor Vasilica, Freelancer
Sales & Business Development Human Resources Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development Psychology / Psychotherapy


  • Introductory call: 30minutes FREE
  • Session: 250RON / 50min

Andrei is values-driven professional with over 17 years of exposure to various industries. He has been delivering training since 2009, going freelance in 2011, having had the opportunity to work with over 15.000 unique and recurrent participants at all organizational & professional levels, accumulating little over 8.000 hours of in-class training delivery.

Areas of expertise: Sales Skills, Leaderships development, Coaching Skills for Managers, Communication Skills, Relationship Management, Presentation Skills, Personal development, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming), Customer Experience & Satisfaction, Negotiation and Influencing skills, Business Performance, Train the Trainers, and more.

After a two years intensive coaching program, started in 2017, Andrei eventually became a Certified IANLP Master Coach at the Austrian “Institut Kutschera”, on Kutschera-Resonanz® Method. Nowadays he already practices both executive and self development coaching with individuals and groups, and also he is upgrading his skills and knowledge attending a new development program in Psychoanalysis.

A native Romanian, based in Bucharest, Andrei facilitates in Romanian, English, and Italian. When he is not delivering training, Andrei uses his growth mindset to self development, seeks for adventure travelling and experiencing new cultures and finds balance and peace of mind in playing piano, riding the motorcycle and handcrafting.

Training delivery in the specified areas - to improve team's and personal skills and knowledge of the participants.
Coaching for executives - to improve their business and personal skills.
Coaching for the ones who seek self development and life improvement.
Team buildings facilitation - to strengthen relationship among the teams, improve communication and collaboration and to create togetherness.
Keynote speaker for events - Motivational speeches, presentations, products and services launching, MC.

Andrei is a mix of many ingredients and flavours. The most noticeable ones are (alphabetic order): adventurer, freelance trainer, keynote speaker, piano player, singer and composer, people developer, psychodynamic master coach, master diver, mentor, motorcycle rider, world traveler…Work in progress to become a certified skydiver.
Looking at this ingredients and flavours, I would easily split them in two main areas or categories: personal development/pleasure and people/business development. Basically, Andrei’s life is about…development. :)

One day I’ve found this quote that became a guide for my life: “Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius.
It took me many years to get there. I’ve been trough so many jobs and experiences, in extremely different domains, from call center, to technical, sales, management and eventually, one day I’ve discovered training, which was the closest one to the quote above. Years after, getting in touch with coaching and then psychoanalysis, I realised that this two where the missing puzzles, to complete the picture of the confucian quote in my life.

In my opinion, balance is all about being conscious.
We might consider that “balance" means an even split of energy and/or time spent into work vs personal life, but balance, actually is a conscious choice of investing and sacrificing your main resources, for goals or achievements.
On the other hand, unfortunately, we are so often guided by unconscious impulses and we have no idea how on earth we became “workaholics" in a job that we hate!? Or we have no clue that we are constantly running into personal pleasure and satisfaction only (like: all day long on social media, way too many daily hours at the gym or spending lots of resources on things or activities with no return on investment), with zero investment in personal and career/job development!? And this is what I call “unbalanced life-work”.

I believe that a mentor is something you become, and it involves trust, loyalty, experience…
A mentor needs both, human skills, like empathy, adaptability, communication, tolerance, creativity, resilience, critical thinking, wisdom and hard skills like technical/professional expertise, analytical attitude, teaching, coaching, and many other skills that provides a wide rage of opportunities to help others grow.

We are investing lots of resources in cars or motorcycles to make them work great. We often buy the best engine oil, the best accessories, we clean it constantly, we spend many hours in service every year. If you don’t have a car or motorcycle, use this example for your house, bicycle, snowboard, fishing rod, cooking tools, sport equipments, aquarium, musical instruments, DIY tools and instruments, clothes, TVs and speakers…etc
If you are investing less time, money and other resources in self development, it means you are less important for yourself than a car/bicycle/aquarium/TV/etc…
Think about it! 😉