Corina Petcu

Corina Petcu

HR Director
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HR specialist, with vast experience in different industries.
preparing the candidate for an interview, how to make a CV and a letter of intent and good knowledge of labour legislation.

Performance Management, HR Consulting, HR Policies, 5S, Project Planning, Project Management

Performance Management
HR Consulting
HR Policies
Project Planning
Project Management

First of all, I have the 'job' of a mother, one of the most beautiful jobs globally. I am the mother of two adult girls.
A little younger than the previous job, it is the one in human resources, for 18 years I started this path, I would say that the human resources domain chose me, I did not choose it.
My first job was as a nurse, I honor that job, and I am grateful for what it put into my life, but I am happy that I chose another path. I am happy to develop in this field of human resources, continue learning from others and make my mark on the lives of the people I intersect with. I hope in a way that will contribute to their happiness.

The moment my career embarked on this human resources train, I realized that it is for me and that there will be a one-way train.
I was working in the state system, in the medical system, and at one point, a multinational company recently opened in Ploiești recruited me to be a nurse in the office they had. For me, it was the big transition from the state system to the private system. Everything seemed more beautiful, more organized. Otherwise, the professional challenge was minimal, but this situation opened my appetite to this work environment.
Because I felt I was missing something to take an important step in my life, I headed to Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Then things came naturally and easily, another company recruited me for General Office's position, and this was my beginning in HR.
Life took me to various companies, and I came to master all the HR processes, so if I had to do them all, I could do them. Today, however, I am privileged not to do those repetitive work, such as payroll or staffing. Now I can rely on this field's soft skills and projects such as She is MOM, who are part of it now.
I did my job as a nurse with great pleasure, I have all the respect for those who remained in the field, but I know that it was just a stage in my path. A stage that helped me develop certain skills, such as orientation to others' needs, patience, empathy, seriousness, and commitment, all of which I trained as a nurse and were the cornerstone of my career in human resources.

The children's arrival made me test my limits, have time for everything, and for the children and for my career and for myself, to reinvent myself, to be creative, inventive.
All I remember from that period is that I was much faster, and it seems I had time for everything.

I think this balance is about creating balance in both parts of your life, and then it will be easy to bring them together and manage them both with time and due respect. If you do not have a state of balance in your personal life, it will be seen and will impact your professional life and vice versa.
I had periods when I was younger when I had availability 24 hours a day for work, but I do not recommend anyone to accept this compromise. In the short term, it may be ok, there are situations in which you will assume this, but it is not a solution in the long run.
You need to be able to do what you love and be at peace with your choices. If, for example, you are at a job that you do not like and brings frustration into your life, there is an imbalance from the start that will impact all other systems.
What helped me personally in situations that produced an imbalance in my life was: to ask for help, to resort to alternative therapies, to do sports, and to be connected to a network of great people.

To offer what I received, from my experience and from how I learned to do better. To be with the people in need and give them confidence.
I had moments in my career when I didn't have that, and I was complex and fearful. I thought I wasn't doing things right. But the moment others did for me what I do now for others, things changed. They gave me the strength to become my best option, and that's what I want to do for those whose mentor I have the honor to be.
I want to be the woman who gives clarity to other people, who helps them discover the path, which gives them the courage to be who they are.

Don't be afraid.
Fight for what you want.
Have the courage to turn to those around you.
You have to put your hand on the phone, press a click. There will be people to support you. You have to have the courage to ask for that help. If you don't have those around, start building the network, great things happen when we are together and united. Right here is a whole community where you can ask. You have the courage to do that.
In my personal life, I have lived all kinds of fears. Obviously, I would like to be again at that age, and with the experience of now (but life is not made to jump stages), I would not let fear lead me.
So I urge you to have the courage, have the courage to believe in yourself, have the courage to do what you are afraid to do, and have the courage to ask questions and ask for support. There is a solution to everything, to everything.