Şölen Özgüz

Şölen Özgüz

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Business Operations Sales & Business Development


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Experienced Head Of Talent Management & Education Services and Head of Sourcing & Engagement Management Office with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in People Management, Analytical Skills, International Business, Quality Management, Enterprise Content Management, and Business Intelligence. Strong quality assurance professional with a MBA focused in Marketing from Bournemouth,UK. Worked in IT companies as Product Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, HR Manager for the last 25 years
Hobbies: Reading, Travelling, writing, photography, wood painting, watching films/movies

International Business, Quality Management, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence

Şölen is a perfectionist and a hardworking person. She is an honest and reliable person. She is also open to criticism. She loves to learn and is curious for new things. She loves technology. She is a good teacher and also a good listener.

When I had lost my grandfather, I decided to be worthy of him. I wanted to become an engineer and succeed it. I studied engineering at university and after a successful work life, I realized that I chose to live my passion. I have a successful career as well as being a mom also added value to my life. I learnt to be patient and learnt to empathize. This really helped me on my work life as well as my personal life.

It was a scary beginning however we managed with the help from family and friends. It is good that you have children when you are young so that you grow with them. It is also difficult due sometimes you feel restrained from what you want to do. Then, you learn to balance 😊

From the very start of my career, I managed to work hard however be there for my family. I am lucky to have a sharing family and nowadays it is more difficult to differentiate work/private life due all work is now done remote ☹

I have always team members I had trained and educated. This was all along my role, naturally. So, I am told that I am a good listener and also a good teacher.

Life is an ongoing experiment. Do not live in the past or in the future – Seize the day! NOW is that all matters