Olga Melihov

Olga Melihov

Founder & Managing Partner
IB Consulting
Human Resources Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Construction / Engineering / Real Estate


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Olga is the Founder & Managing Partner of IB Consulting, a management consulting company founded in 2007, with expertise in areas like strategy, organizational development, transformation, performance management, business development, with projects delivered in Romania, Poland and Russia.
Being a manager with more than 20 years of work activity in Central and Eastern Europe region, Olga has an extensive experience gained while working in areas like construction, retail development or commercial real estate consultancy. Her recent employment experience was with an infrastructure group of companies, covering the strategy development & commercial aspects at the holding level.
As Country Head of BNP Paribas Real Estate Romania, she contributed to create a strong branch on the Romanian market, well connected and integrated within the CEE teams’ network. Before that, Olga worked in construction sector in Russia, also in retail real estate development in Poland & CEE region.
Olga is graduate of the Bucharest University (Romanian - Russian languages and literature), holding an MA in General Management at Bucharest University of Economic Studies and an MBA from Tiffin University, USA.
Olga is a Strategic Intervention Coach certified by Robbins Madanes Training, USA, also an ACSTH Coach (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours for ICF certification) and an ANC Coach (National Qualifications Authority Romania). Currently she is enrolled in the ICF (International Coaching Federation) coaching certification process.
She speaks native Romanian, fluent English, Russian and French. She believes that the world needs people who want to contribute, make a difference, help others see progress in their lives and reach their full potential. Her plan is to do that through Coaching and Mentoring.

Leadership Advisory, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Real Estate Consulting

I am a women that has the privilege to look at life with gratitude and hope, a mother of a 19 y.o. amazing young lady, a manager with more than 20 years experience within CEE/UE, a Certified Professional Coach, and generally a person willing to contribute to the society, to people around me, to companies I work for.

My interest to mentoring and coaching started with the needs I have experienced as a team leader, willing to identify solutions in critical situations, help my team to improve and evolve personally and professionally, generate performance and business growth. In the last years, I studied coaching and followed specific programs in this respect. As mentor I have been involved in several national and international mentoring programs for women with the purpose to help through my knowledge and contribute to a better life for them.

That was a tremendous change of my life. It has happened 19 year ago, when my daughter Ema was born, and I was working as teacher of Romanian language and literature in my born city in Ialomita county. It has not been only the arrival of my baby, but also my divorce that has happened when my child was a year and a half. So, I might have an interesting story to tell as a single mother starting her new life, leaving my home town to look for jobs in Bucharest, hoping to offer a better life to my child.

In my opinion it is about the balance we feel within ourselves. There is no separation between work and life. Life is about work, in the same way as it is about friendships, relationships, goals, dreams etc. We are in balance when we feel a sort of peace with who we are and mostly with who we are not. With what we have, but mostly with what we do not have, striving to become better every day and not betray ourselves on the way.

Mentor is a person who wants to share personal experience with other people (mentees) interested to learn from him/her, to be guided in their personal and professional development.
The role of the mentor: not to say what to do, but to listen and provide support, to clarify the purpose, to ask questions that build solutions, to provide guidance on exposed issues, and also to share knowledge and expertise. It is an opportunity to learn about ourselves, about our abilities, needs, goals, priorities, also about how to react to challenges, to criticism and nevertheless about how to communicate our experience and achievements. To explore these things it is very much needed to provide a place of trust and security in the mentoring relationship

Dare! To hope, to dream, to believe in you! I am here to listen to you and give you a helping hand