Oana Costea

Oana Costea

Counselor, Psychotherapist
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I am a counselor and psychotherapist specialized in Unifying Experiential Psychotherapy and mother of two beautiful children. I am a woman who wants to evolve and help others to do the same constantly.
Today, I am addressing you, new or future mother, and I invite you on a self-knowledge journey to prevent postpartum depression.
I propose to create a context for you to get in touch with the self, discover your resources, needs, and limits, and learn to be attentive and aware of your body signals. Discover how strong and extraordinary you are, so that in the difficult moments, when you feel that you can no longer, to know that you are in control, to see that you are not alone and that you can receive all the support you need.
Let's build together the inner balance we all need, from preventing postpartum depression to treating it.

Counsellor, Psychotherapist

I am a person who loves life, a person who evolves through interaction with others, a person who never gives up no matter what trials she goes through, a person whose main goal in life is to keep her inner flame alive and share it with others.
I am a mother, wife, friend, psychotherapist, and personal development trainer. I hope to be and remain in everything I do, A HUMAN BEING (with respect and love for those around me, with common sense, empathy) a lot of love in my soul).

I always knew I wanted to become a psychologist, more precisely, a psychotherapist. That has been my true calling since forever. Getting to know people's life stories, getting to know their inner worlds and their behavior patterns, the way those patterns were born in their childhood, at the crossroad between native traits and environmentally influence represents the pretext I start with when I am guiding a person into their inner sacred place: their soul. It is a special kind of travel. I aim to discover and highlight the individual's strengths and take away the power of self-limiting beliefs, make peace with the voice of criticism, and empower a positive life attitude. Each person I meet, each soul I get to know on a deeper level is the most significant growth opportunity I can think of. I am grateful for the emotional and spiritual abundance I come to live directly from this opportunity.

The birth of my children revealed and intensified my soul's genuine desire to live a meaningful life and touch the lives of those around me in a way that makes sense both for them and me. Ever since they were born, I felt with all my being that, from a professional point of view, I would not be able to return to anything else that is not my real purpose. I discovered with amazement that being a mother and living the most beautiful dream come true is just a part of me that is required to be fulfilled and that my deepest essence contains many other elements that want to come to light. At first, this perspective felt like a blockage. It was a deep sorting of my own values ​​and identifying the most important ones in fulfilling the highest purpose I can project in this life.

In fact, the balance between family life and professional life is the balance between the roles with which I identify the most and which fulfill me equally: that of mother and that of psychologist. For me, this concept comes down to not sacrificing any of the parts, to fulfilling these roles first qualitatively and then quantitatively. This means a good organization of time, the ability to prioritize, to set limits, to create a harmonious dance between giving support and leaving room for independence, because regarding both sides, my children and the people I accompany on the path of self-knowledge, I want them to know that they are perfect and worthy of being loved precisely the way they are, that they can achieve with their own strength everything they deșire but also that I am always there to support them. The ultimate goal as a mentor is to raise the awareness of all the resources they need to internalize to live happy lives and accept and effectively manage the vulnerabilities that each of us has.

Guidance & Inspiration
Light and dark, dancing together since forever!
Embrace the dark so you can enjoy the light!
We all are a mix of both of them; let's balance them in what could be the masterpiece you are here for creating your own life!
Be your own artist, create the proportions, take what You want from both darkness and light and make it what You need to make your soul bloom!

Get the Most out of Life!
Deep down in your soul, your inner child is craving for fulfilling relationships with other individuals. I say, let's create the best version of a relationship you can have with yourself. When your glass is completely full, sharing it with others will be a natural consequence. Not expecting anything in return will be the most satisfying thing you can experience in your life. I am here, happy to meet you. Thank You!