Flavia Albuleţu

Flavia Albuleţu

Senior Marketing Consultant
Applied Wisdom
Design / Creative industries Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development


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"Learn as if you were to live forever.” (Mahatma Ghandi)
My passion and experience in understanding human behavior have combined perfectly in online marketing with the desire to learn and have continuous challenges.
I had many jobs, each with more or less different roles; I also volunteered for various events, but I was looking for something more, and I found marketing. I consider myself an idealist and a visionary. I am a perfectionist, and I am in a continuous search for the best solution, combining my creativity with analytical skills. There is always more than one way to see, understand and learn something. Among my passions are games, sports, the arts, and the desire to pass on the lessons learned over the years.
I offer training in creating a website optimized for conversions, ready to launch! A website with SEO developed, fast and responsive, designed and created user-friendly, which brings the best results and can be done by anyone!

Digital Marketing, Web Content Writing, E-commerce, SEO

I am Flavia and I am a Digital Strategist. I have been interested in this field since 2014 when I have started studying it at a fast pace. Why is this important? Because I have invested 8 to 14 hours in my passion and, on a daily basis, I have boosted my skills along the years, ‘till this day.

In 2014, I was not satisfied with the work I had done before, and I was always searching for a field that would be in a continuous change, full of challenges, that could mix my analytical thinking and creativity. That is how I started creating websites and playing with graphic design and fell in love with online marketing.

In my opinion, there are several stages of work-life balance throughout your life. Every person does what knows best. It would be ideal to have enough time for everything you want out of life, but the “perfect” work-life balance is subjective. There are people who find joy and growth in work.

Helping people has always been a goal of mine. Through mentoring, I shift and model minds and actions for peoples’ best interests. I would have saved so much time myself if I had a mentor in my life throughout my career search.

It doesn’t matter how old you are and where you are in your life; you can always start anew. Just go with it!