Cristina Norocel

Cristina Norocel

Trainer, Consultant Marketing and Personal Branding, Entrepreneur
MarketingFX Concept
Marketing / PR / Media / Branding


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Passionate about art and the science of selling, consumer psychology, market fluctuations, constant follow-up of trends and innovative participation in the company. Skillful in interpreting and inventing the brand, as well as its positioning in the market with a strong strategic thinking.
Cristina has 10 years of experience in marketing and PR. She has worked for brands in beauty, retail, tourism, HoReCa, construction and pharma. She has launched new brands both on the local market and in other markets.
She believes in the power of consumers and is interested in the reasons behind people's consumption behaviors. She is passionate about branding, public relations and business in general. Throughout her career, she has held marketing and communication trainings.

She strongly believes that a successful business needs a solid marketing and branding strategy to underpin its communication strategy. She believes in people and their power to change things and that is why since 2014 she has been practising marketing and public relations consulting for companies that want to grow.

In 2019, together with an expert in personal development and a business consultant, she laid the foundations of the entrepreneurial program. Do I resist being an entrepreneur ?!



Marketing and PR
Business consultant
Personal Branding

Cristina communicates honestly and openly. Passionate about art and the science of selling, consumer psychology, branding, public relations, and business in general, I like to be always up to date with the latest information needed by a professional. I have over 10 years of marketing and PR experience in areas such as retail, tourism, construction, beauty, and pharma. Over time, we launched new brands both in the local market and other markets. We actively participated in the brand's interpretation and invention and their positioning on the market. In 2012 I decided it was time for the next step, entrepreneurship, and set up my own marketing and communication consulting company, Marketing FX Concept.

At the age of 24, I worked in a travel agency's marketing department. I was proud to work with experienced people. I would learn a lot about what is behind promotion and communication. And I really learned a lot. I also went to other companies in various marketing and PR departments from that job. I was raised in the spirit of "you have to have a safe job." But every time, I felt that something was missing, namely my authenticity—more precisely that freedom to choose with whom and in what way to work. I had to work for clients who did not share the same vision and values ​​. I arrived home tired, stressed, and disappointed. I sometimes felt that my opinions didn't matter, that the client and the boss had to be satisfied at all costs because they were paying my salary. One day I met a wonderful person who said to me: "Cristina, you have enormous potential. Why don't you want your professional independence?". He was a person I had only seen twice in my life before and who had no interest in not being successful. Until that day, all I heard around me was that I couldn't, that I had to stay in the safe zone of a job, that life as an entrepreneur was not for me. It took one man, one word of encouragement at the right time, and from that day on, I decided that I wanted professional independence and that I would succeed. I know many find their resources in them, but in my case, it took a little push from the outside to make the decision! And what do you think? Everyone around me was right. It was not easy at all. I also had a business in the HoReCa area that was not successful. And then, I opened my own marketing and communication agency, and even here, I still had disappointments, stress, a lot, a lot of work, and I still had to work with certain clients who were not on the same wavelength as me. I looked around at other entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers from various fields who were much more relaxed and said to me: “Cristina, if you don't feel comfortable with certain clients, give them up! Increase the price, make other service packages, etc. ”. They all seemed like good advice, but I couldn't assimilate it into practice. I studied all these consultants, experts, and entrepreneurs, and I realized that they all have strong personal brands. And then I realized that I first have to work on myself, on my personal brand. When you have a strong personal brand, people come to you to offer them solutions, ask for your advice. You can set your rates and, most importantly, you can choose who to work with. Now that I have invested and worked on my personal brand, I work the way I want and with whom I want. I work every month with people who bring me fulfillment, and I have permanent collaborations with experts in various fields. I have launched online courses in which I guide others who want to work on their personal brand to have the freedom to work when, how and with whom they want.

I personally do not believe in a balance between personal and professional life. The balance will always tilt more in one direction or another, depending on the context.

The mentor must be the person who sees more than you see. In addition to business acumen, the experience is also needed. And there may be a mentor is a good solution. The mentor offers you a new perspective, an objective vision, from the outside. If you are an entrepreneur at the beginning of the road, talking to a mentor can help you get an overview of what is happening in your field of activity or the business world in general. In mentoring, you talk about your specific problems, not about general topics in business, and apply the solutions found with your mentor. If the mentor has been involved in similar businesses before, he/she can see what is missing or what sets you apart.

To make a very well structured business plan, define from the beginning their objectives and, later, how they will achieve them. Better said, do not go on the road to entrepreneurship unless you have a business plan and a strategy. Otherwise, it's called a hobby, not a business.