Alina Neagu

Alina Neagu

Transformational Trainer & Coach at John Maxwell Leadership Team
ANAIS Education, Freelancer
Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur


  • Introductory call: 30minutes FREE
  • Session: 60EUR / one hour

I am glad to meet all the wonderful moms in the SIM community!
My name is Alina Neagu, and I am an independent and certified Trainer & Coach in the international John Maxwell Leadership Team.

I am first and foremost a human being, a being who wants to see a world transformed for the better through the power of love, positive energy, and compassion.

I am a child and a daughter who has learned a lot of life lessons and evolved into adulthood with the confidence and belief that she can succeed.

I am a mother who wants to be the best example for her child and inspire him to reach his unlimited potential, acting every day of his life.

I am a wife who wants to offer and receive that unconditional love from a limitless partnership.

I am an entrepreneur with many ideas, passions, and dreams. Still, my greatest goal is to inspire as many souls as possible in their evolution through self-discovery, the meaning of life, and their purpose and personal mission on this earth.

I aim to help mothers in the SHE IS MOM community evolve in their personal and professional projects, being in my capacity as a mentor, a supporter, and guide on changing and transforming them into their best version.

The trainings I organize is part of the category of Personal Development, Leadership, and Interpersonal Communication. Individual coaching refers to the person as a whole and works based on the client's objectives in life, focusing on maximum 2-3 personal/professional areas of interest in that period for at least 3 months.

Transformational Masterminds, Trainings, Workshops & Coaching

I am a daughter/wife/mother/woman entrepreneur who wants to see a world changed in better through the power of love, positive energy and compassion. I support people who wish to develop their exterior world looking first into their interior world and discover there all gifts God has given them.

I found out my personal mission in the pandemic period in 2020 while succesfully defeated the Covid virus and asking myself the question "what is the purpose of my life?". Then I realised that my mission is to work with people, for people and near people, so I've started my own Training & Coaching business.

In the pandemy I also realised that I was not giving my boy the time and attention he needed from my side as a mother. The "work from home" period helped me understand that you can work differently and mix the family & work time in a flexible schedule that could bring extra value both to the family and business.

Work-life balance for me means to divide the time into fixed slots for: business/family/own time for sports/hobbies/holidays but also know your most important activities every day and act accordingly.

A mentor is a person with life and work experiences that he/she has learned from valuable lessons and could share to the people that need guidance, in order not to struggle on their path to success.

The best investment you can do in life is the investment in your own development, as this is the inheritance you could leave to this world. Make your own choices, don't let others decide what's best for you!