Alina Elena Necşulescu

Alina Elena Necşulescu

Senior Manager, VAT, Global role
Veeam Software SRL
Finance / Investment / Accounting


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Since I graduated from university I have known that tax, namely indirect tax (VAT), is a topic that it’s really interesting for me. So with this in my mind, I evolved from an intern to a manager level in KPMG Romania practice, where I have enhanced my knowledge about European Value Added Tax for 10 years.

In public accountancy, although I was handling EU VAT law, the focus was on Romanian legislation, so, in 2018, I decided to shift to an IT company taking over the global role of Senior VAT Manager. It’s been a roller-coaster and full of challenging situations that have needed to be solved since then. Every day is so interesting, and I am thrilled that I got the opportunity to participate in many projects, from VAT refunds and interactions with different tax authorities to binding rulings and identifying optimizing processes. Also, sharing my knowledge was always part of me, and I am hosting different VAT training sessions.

I am part of a global employee resource group called Women in Green that focuses on empowering women and the career advancement of all Veeam’s employees. I am managing events and activities for the Bucharest chapter as well as part of the Organizing Committee.

VAT advice, VAT compliance, VAT refunds, WHT, International Tax

I am an organized person, not a big fan of surprises because being a tax person, certainty and predictability tend to be always a good thing. I am a certified tax consultant, a cat lover, and I like reading, both from a professional point of view and a relaxing method. In my day-to-day job, I have a global role in coordinating the VAT practice in the IT backup and replication Company I am working for, making sure that value-added tax is correctly reported and paid, as well as assisting with the tax planning to be compliant from a tax-wise point of view.

I grew up with the idea that I want to have an international career and travel. My parents have been an inspiration and helped me find myself by presenting different activities and choosing my own path. Although my entire family is full of engineers, I decided to have an International Business and Economics faculty. During my university years, I applied and got an internship in the tax department of KPMG in Romania, and it seemed amazing, and that was indeed the moment when I said: “yes, please, I want to be a tax professional.”

Having a child was the start of a fantastic journey into the wild. Mihnea, who is almost 8 years old, is a planet of joy, and me and his father are trying to be satellites for him. Sometimes he can hit us like a storm on the beach, and we are trying to cope, but most of the time, we are having fun, like a New Year’s party. Seriously, having Mihnea in my life made me prioritize better, be even more efficient, and be more flexible both with my team and me.

It was a notion that I learned. In my first years as an employee in the BIG4, I would not clearly distinguish between the two. However, after a while, I started being more careful and did see the importance of using free time by doing the things you like more (skating, reading, seeing friends). Also, one is way more productive if you are well-rested, relaxed, and happy. Now, having a moment of riding a scooter, reading a book, or simply playing a board game with my family and friends brings balance into my life, and I treasure these moments.

I truly believe that sharing is caring. So, as a mentor, I would like to support and guide, share ideas, and go all the way for another person’s best interest. As the logo says, I want to be a trusted advisor and assure a mentee that he/she could come back to me with any problems, ideas, or uncertainty they have.

Try what is best for you, regardless of others opinion, and do not be afraid to exit the comfort zone, although everything is warm and cozy. Remember that the difference between an average person and a successful one is ambition.