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We have brought together a wide range of services and offers from companies in various areas to help you save time and benefit from discounts and special deals exclusively dedicated to the She is Mom community members. Here you can find educational courses, medical services, coaching programs, nutrition, online fitness, insurance, handmade jewelry, IT courses, marketing and branding services, and much more.

Are you not sure about your next career step?

Get help from a coach to define your career goals. A coach can help you find your vision, identify your values and motivators, improve self-confidence, and build the strength to pursue what you want.

Do you want to keep your kids busy for an hour or more, or are you looking for someone to stay with them?

There are many activities offers that can help you and a couple of nanny services for you to choose from. During this period, with many fears and many questions, a few medical specialists are here to answer all your questions and offer you comfort.

Do you want to learn a foreign language? Do you want to improve your conversational English, French, or German? Are you looking for courses in your new domain? Do you want to take a specialization course?

There are specialists and companies ready to offer you all of the above.

Do you need services for your start-up?

Our legal, financial, marketing, and IT specialists can lend you a hand.

Explore every benefit, discover the free ones and enjoy the discounts
offered to the She is Mom community members.

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