Loredana Iacob

Loredana Iacob

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  • DISC Evaluation Package

Start your own knowledge process in a unique way:

complete the DISC Test - behavioral analysis!

DISC behavioral evaluation - test that I recommend to all those who, starting the journey of personal development, invest in them to identify the personality profile; identifying the strengths but also those to be improved in terms of team / family communication

DISC Evaluation Package + 1 consulting session:
• Report with 30 pages about you but also about those around you! :)

In this report you will find details about:
◦ your behavioral style
◦ strengths and those to improve
◦ the other communication styles, how to identify them and how to relate effectively with each of them both in personal and professional life
• Steps of action in your intentional growth

Package value: 450 RON (VAT included)
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About me
Abraham Maslow says, "Either you move forward toward development, or backward toward safety!"

I have learned to step forward and I encourage you to have the courage to discover your potential, to build your own dream, to trust yourself and if you are in a moment when you feel that you need a helping hand, receive mine.

I am Loredana Iacob, DISC Consultant, trainer and development consultant.

DISC Evaluation Package
DISC Evaluation Package