Andreea Hănescu

Andreea Hănescu

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I am Andreea Hănescu, an IBCLC accredited breastfeeding consultant and a professional LifeCoach, specializing in Transformational Coaching.
My change began consciously when I was no longer in what I was doing professionally, and I felt that I could not enjoy everything I had inside.

I AM WITH YOU through seminars, courses, breastfeeding consultations, or coaching designed to support new parents during pregnancy and after birth.

What do I offer?
Breastfeeding consulting and life coaching sessions for mothers, women, and more :) overcoming the postpartum period, emotional preparation for birth, career change, and any need for personal growth.

The standard prices are:
breastfeeding consultation at home - 300 lei,
online breastfeeding consultation - 200 lei
the coaching session (online or face2face) - 250 lei

About me:

I have become a mother, I have a family, personal goals, and a path on the professional side in the common framework of the relationship, but I had nothing MINE on the professional side. Every day I wondered: What am I good at? How am I useful every day? What did I enjoy doing professionally so that I could bring joy to others? I was almost 37 years old, and I still didn't know what my passion was the way of fulfillment, and my unique skills.

Because I did not have clarity of these answers, it frustrated me terribly on the inside. Therefore, I projected dissatisfaction, criticism, unhappiness, and victimization on the outside.

The decision to work with a coach changed my life, and I realized that I love people; I like to listen to them and open new horizons for them, to know that they can, that they are enough, to be aware of their power and magic to fulfill their dreams.

A huge personal challenge that life has given me has helped me speed up the inner process of healing and restoring balance, resilience, joy, gratitude. We understand that the states of anger, sadness, suffering are part of our lives, and it is essential to accept and love them because we are enough even when we experience them.

Where I was from dissatisfaction, criticism, the feeling that everything is falling apart around me - today I wake up every day with gratitude, with joy that I live, that I have healthy children, that I have a road, that I do what I like, that I help!

I feel happy and fulfilled with what he chose me, and I decided: to be close to people.