The e-learning Company

The e-learning Company

The e-learning Company offers a 15% discount for its courses.
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  • One month subscription

The e-learning Company specializes in on-demand e-learning and we have been working for over 13 years with Skillsoft, the world leader in the field. This is how we can offer asynchronous digital education of the highest quality, through programs made in the USA and translated by subtitles in Romanian, offered to the business community in our country.
Our programs - which you can access on the site cover areas of competence such as communication, personal and professional productivity, management and leadership, digital transformation, skills sought by companies private or with state capital, by NGOs and institutions from various fields of activity.

Benefits for She is MOM community members:
We offer subscription options for which a 15% discount is granted.

One month subscription
One month subscription
  • 20EUR
  • One month subscription for our special selection of courses dedicated for the SheisMom Club. 11 course domains: 61 courses for one month/ 20 EUR Main course domains: Comunication, Managament, Leadership, Personal Growth and many more