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Ionuț Atitienei offers the mini-course FREE for all the members of the community.
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  • Time Management Course

Do you want to know how not to be overwhelmed by office work and gain TIME for yourself too?
My mission is to help knowledge workers transform their productivity, elevate their performance, and reframe their relationship to work.
I deliver courses on topics related to productivity, habit formation and personal knowledge management.
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Time Management
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I have been working in IT and project management for 7 years. Proud father of a boy of only 4 months, I realized that I got rid of the stress and worries of my life in time to provide quality time for the family.
I want to help other employees or managers who struggle with this lack of clarity of their activity, organization of time, priorities, objectives through work templates, tested systems to make their life easier at work and, especially, in life personal.
To be able to have in these pandemic times, in particular, a balance between personal and professional life.
To feel that if they continue without control, they will end up in burnout again and again, and the quality of time they give to their family or job will not be among the best.

Time Management Course
Time Management Course