We are offering 3PM for free, for a limited period and in exchange with a valuable feedback 😊
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3PM – People, Practices, Performance Magnifier

3PM is a Blended Learning app = in-class training + mobile micro-learning, to increase training’s efficiency (ROI*) up to 500% - or more!

(*) ROI = people do apply at job what they have learned at the training, on the long run, not only in the first two days after.

3PM Digital Masters is a new company with experienced people, both in digital design and development and instructional design and experience learning.

We aim to change the way in-class/online training is performed and the way the follow-up is done. Our training app will increase the engagement of the trainees before, during, and after the course and will drive to a better implementation in their life/businesses of the concepts learned.

3PM the Training App will increase the quality of training delivery by the higher engagement of the trainees and the ROI of the training by the higher impact in business, done by people that are more skilled and efficient.

3PM is a web app for the trainers to fill in their content: Professional and Personal, Bios, Training details, Agenda and Calendar, Form and Quizzes for Knowledge Level Pre-Assessment, Needs and Expectations, (before the training), Attention and Understanding Quiz, Feedback Form (during the training) and Micro-Learning based Quizzes (after the training), plus Sharing Experiences Learning in chat/forum.

3PM is a mobile app for the trainees to be engaged before, during and after the training process with the trainer and with colleagues.


We are offering 3PM for free but in exchange for valuable feedback.

Use it in your courses, use it in your coaching, use it with your kids for homework!

Experience the increased engagement and the far better results!

Online Training Platform
Online Training Platform