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For 10 years, the Andreea Berkhout Academy language school has helped thousands of students fulfill their dreams.
The adults and children who attended the academy courses, whether they were initiated or perfected in a foreign language, thanked us for the security that the support of our teachers gave us.
We believe that there is no need for "talent" in foreign languages, but only a strong student-teacher team. Our teaching methods are carefully tested and adapted to the needs of each student. And that works.
Hundreds of medical staff worldwide have successfully taken the demanding examinations required for employment in international hospitals and clinics.

Hundreds of children and young people have added Cambridge exams to their portfolio with outstanding scores.
We were happy for every success story we witnessed: improving businesses, getting better jobs, or being admitted to the schools our students wanted.

Here are the courses of the Andreea Berkhout Academy language school, where we look forward to seeing you:
General English
Business English
English for IELTS
English for OET
English for children 4-8 years / Preparation Cambridge YLE Starters / Movers
English for children 9-18 years / Preparation Cambridge Flyers / KET / PET / FCE / CAE
German for children