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Midwife Vania & Active Center

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is a center of excellence in pre-and postnatal counseling, which provides services to future parents both during the birth preparation period and in the months immediately following. We offer a wide range of services, from birth training and care modules for newborns to gymnastics and massage for pregnant women, mothers, and babies, with various programs adapted to multiple purposes.

At Active Family Center, we restore women's confidence in their maternal instincts and the power with which they are endowed by nature.

We offer them the opportunity to discover their inner resources - to give birth, as much as possible, naturally, thus giving children an extra chance at a healthy life. 

Why offer your employees, pregnant women or mothers, childbirth and training courses, and/or baby parenting care?

Give your employees what they need to have an easier pregnancy and raise the baby right. All studies show they will need fewer vacations, medical or days off, and be more involved in their professional activity and successful completion of tasks. The courses take place in groups or one-to-one. We set up flexibly with the participants depending on their availability within the company or their free time.

Trainers: Vania Limban - independent midwife, breastfeeding consultant, perineum care coach.

Why choose the packages offered by Active Center &  Midwife Vania

Because we provide high-performance, up-to-date pregnancy preparation online courses for new mothers and baby care, supported by Vania Limban, a licensed midwife with training in the USA and UK and with a rich international experience but also practice (University Hospital in Bucharest, Regina Maria Maternity Hospital, Medicover clinic).

Find below all information about  Active Center packages &  Midwife Vania:

Prenatal Package (online)

- Course Assumed birth, yes, I can - 4 sessions

- Perineum Toning Course for delivery - 1 session

- Prenatal Perineum Gym - 4 sessions

- Baby Care Course (Breastfeeding - Bath Gym & Massage - Sleep - Baby Senses) - 4 sessions

- Massage for pregnant women - 8 sessions

- Coaching for pregnant women 

Postnatal Package (online)

- Perineum retonification course after birth - 1 session

- Postnatal Perineum Gym - 4 sessions

- Massage for mother - 4 sessions

- Coaching for pregnant women - 1 session

Baby Package (at Active Center)

- Massage baby pack - 4/8 sessions

- Sensory baby- 1 session

- Baby Gym (Bobbles) pack - 4/8 sessions

- Coaching for mother - 1 session

Consulting Package (online / at Active Center)

 - Midwife Consultancy (Pregnancy, Breastfeeding)

 - Doula Consultancy Prenatal / Postnatal