I am benefit - Rules of Engagement

ABOUT She is Mom

She is Mom is a platform created by women for women, with the mission to prepare them for their professional careers, but not only.

Here one can find a wide range of services that cover personal & professional needs.

The platform wants to offer three significant areas of interest for women:

  • Personal Branding for women and employer branding for companies.
  • Mentoring (She is Mom has a team of specialists in various fields, who can provide guidance and support.)
  • Benefits (courses in different business areas, health services, personal development, recreational activities, nutrition, sports activities, parenting The community members benefit from considerable discounts or even free services.


Commitment- we want a commitment to be a principle of all those who are part of this community:

  • commitment is ours, the representatives of She is Mom wants to offer support to mothers and women who are part of our community;
  • the commitment is of the company listed as Benefit is willing to sell services and products with a discount for the members of She is Mom community;
  • and last but not least the commitment is of the members, a commitment to openness, to new opportunities, new friends.


  • We want this principle to define our activities, the relationships that will be linked between community members, between all business partners because we believe that being responsible means being aware that what you think, say, and do can influence the lives of others and the environment. We live, and we hope to succeed at the same time.


  • We want to pass on the initiative of mothers and women in the She is Mom community, an initiative for personal development, personal evolution, and achieving professional goals.


The main goal is to grow, to become a strong community in which we can grow together, support each other and give each other a chance.

We want She is Mom to be a reliable partner for women, individuals, and companies.


General rules:

  • Relationships between community members will be based on mutual respect. We want a positive, proactive, and open attitude, the use of polite language;
  • Under no circumstances will discrimination be allowed based on race, sex, age, ethnicity, national or social origin, religion, political choice or personal antipathy, social status;
  • We appeal to your seriousness and commitment, especially when it comes to the quality of service and products displayed on the Site

Specific rules apply to the organizers of the She is Mom platform, as well as to each category of members of She is Mom, depending on the services offered are listed below as follows:

I. She is Mom, through its representatives, undertakes:

  • to mediate relationships between community members and companies listed as Benefit or between She is Mom companies listed as Benefit;
  • to keep members and the companies listed as Benefit constantly informed about She is Mom events;
  • maintain constant communication with She is Mom members and companies listed as Benefit;
  • to provide the framework of rules, principles, and objectives underlying the functioning and organization of the community;
  • to mediate the relations between members and companies listed as Benefit, respectively the relations between companies listed as Benefit, to provide support, as the case may be, for the creation and maintenance of this relationship;
  • to make this statute available to members and companies listed as Benefit by publishing it on the She is Mom platform and on the social networks where they carry out their activity in the online environment.

II. The Benefit undertakes:

  • to comply/agree/assume with the provisions of this statute;
  • actively participate in She is Mom events, conferences, webinars, interviews, or internal meetings;
  • in the event of a product or service being claimed from the Site, the company listed as Benefit undertakes to deliver it in the best way and conditions possible;
  • to pay the membership fee, within 5 (five) working days from the signing date of the membership agreement to the She is Mom community;
  • to collect exclusively the amount communicated as a price;
  • in compliance with community rules, to help in any way, to achieve the objectives of She is Mom, as set out in the She is Mom statute;
  • to have a positive attitude, openness to the proposed activities within the community.


Membership ceases when one or more of the following situations occur:

a) Exclusion following the decision of the representatives of the She is Mom platform for violating the provisions of this Statute, one of the principles, general or specific rules, conducting anti-She is Mom concept campaigns, non-fulfillment of constantly planned and agreed commitments (starting with the third deviation, and after prior notification), lack of interest in the purpose and objectives of She is Mom.

b) Waiver by the company listed as Benefit, by notifying the representatives of She is Mom or by any means that may be brought to the notice of the representatives of the She is Mom platform.


Any Company may make a notification/request for clarification/information when appropriate or notify a violation of the rules as mentioned above, which will be sent in writing to Ms. Andreea Radu, representative of the She Mom community, at the following email address contact@sheismomclub.com.

The deadline for responding to your requests, notifications, and information is 15 calendar days.

These Rules of Engagement are effective as of January 25, 2022.