How to "I am Benefit" profile

Your She is mom profile is a landing page for you to let people know who you are, what are the services and products you are selling, and how you can help the community members.

Your She is mom profile is fully visible to all She is mom members and visitors.

By listing your products and services on this platform, you help individuals and companies to discover new solutions, services, and products.

So let's start.

  • Go to and click Login
  • Enter your email address & password
  • Click on your name in the top right corner
  • Select Edit "I am benefit" profile

Your profile must be written in English.

What "I want my profile published" means:


  • Your profile is complete, and ready to be validated.
  • After validation, your profile will be visible on the website, on the Benefits page.


  • You may deactivate your profile if you want.
  • Your profile will be saved but not active. You may reactivate your profile anytime.

You can review/edit your profile at any time. Any changes made will be active only after validation by our staff.

Please see the info below to discover how to complete the profile.

Change logo: Add the logo of your company

Benefit Name: Add the name of your company

Representative Name: Add the name of the person who will represent your company in relation to She is mom

Tax No / VAT No: the company’s unique registration code

Social Media platform link: you can select the platform and input the link

To add another platform, Click Save changes (on the left part of the page)

Click: Next on the right part of the page and go to the next category

Video presentation link: a 2-minutes video presentation about your company (it is recommended, it is not mandatory)

Website: a website link for your company

About You: A description of your company, what you are promoting, a description of your product(s)/service(s). It is not limited by words or characters.

  • Example:

The concept was an idea that appeared in the clouds on the way to Rome in January 2014.

5 months later, Talent Center, with the motto "passion for people" already appeared with a website and a Facebook page.

Talent Center has the competitive advantages: we never give up a project! We are perfectionists and we always reach the end we propose. Moreover, we have a special relationship with our clients. For us, these are real-life stories, life lessons, beyond the organizational environment. This side of people, we love it. And the term "client" is easily lost. We are, first of all, PEOPLE. And this is our unique value proposition to develop and capitalize on their talents as if they were our family.

Every day we live the story of Talent Center, it is impossible to write it in a few words how passionate we are about our great mission. We support everyone, entrepreneurs or employees in their conquest of the world!

Discount for SheIsMom: a short phrase about the discount you offer to She is mom community

  • Example: We offer a 10% discount for the She is MOM community.

Category: choose a category for your business (if you do not find the category fit for your company, please contact us at and we will add the category)

Click: Next to continue to the next category

Email : Add the email address for your representative

Phone Number: Add the phone number for your representative

Address: street, number

City of Residence: The city of your residence: ex. Bucharest, Prague, etc

Country of Residence: The country of your residence: ex. Romania, Germany, United Kingdom

Click: Next to continue to the next category

WhatsApp International Group: check the box if you want to be added to the community WhatsApp group

WhatsApp Romanian Group: check the box if you want to be added to the community WhatsApp group

Benefit agreement document template: the draft for SIM’s membership agreement. Click and the document will be downloaded to your computer. Please read it, review it.

  • English version

  • Romanian version

If you have questions regarding the agreement please contact us at

If everything is alright, please complete the agreement, sign it and upload it.

Upload signed benefit agreement document

After upload, you will see: Last signed agreement document: agreement.pdf

Membership fee: select the membership package of your choosingn

Social media promotion date: every Wednesday, a benefit is presented to the SIM community through a social media promotion (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram); this will be completed by the admin of the platform

Click: Next to continue to the next category

She is Mom created programs and packages dedicated to individuals and companies.
You may choose the program you want to participate in or the service you want to provide.

The programs dedicated women & moms (individual or group).
The programs dedicated to companies.

You can choose one or more and your profile will be included in the program page.

Click: Next to continue to the next category

Somebody writes a review on your page, you can see it here.

You have to verify and approve it.

The admin will review it too and activate it

Click: Next to continue to the next category

List your product(s) / service(s)

Name : Add the name of the product/service

Change product picture : Add a photo of the product/service

Description : Add a short description of the product/service

Price : Add the price of the product/service, the listed price will include the discount you offer for the She is Mom community

Currency : Add the currency of your choosing

To add another platform, Click Save changes (on the left part of the page)

Click: Next on the right part of the page and go to the next category

In this category, it will appear listed the product(s) / service(s) ordered by the community members

Click: Next to continue to the next category

Wrote an article or plan on writing an article whose subject is of interest for the She is Mom community, send it to and it will be published on the website, in the News Section

After creating your profile, it will not be visible on the website.

First, a She is Mom representative will review and validate it.