Full interview: Vania Limban, a mentor in SIM’s community

Pregnancy, Maternity, Baby Care, Mentoring

💃 Who is Vania Limban, and what does she do? 

I’m an independent midwife, breastfeeding consultant, and owner at Active Center. My activity involves online courses preparation for birth and baby parenting; online/offline consulting for pregnant women, new mothers; baby massage and gymnastics; perineum toning/retoning course and prenatal/postnatal/premenopause/menopause perineum gym.

💃 When did you realize what you wanted to do? 

I realized what I want to do after having two scholarships in the UK and the USA. I would rediscover my profession as a midwife from a new perspective: that of educator and coach for pregnant women, mothers, and future parents.

💃 How did the arrival of your children impact you professionally? 

The birth of my child gave me a greater impetus to realize myself professionally

💃 What does work-life balance mean to you? 

Work-life balance means to give equal importance to professional life, family life, and the spiritual life that matters to you

💃What does it mean for you to be a mentor?

To be a good mentor means for me to listen patiently and discover how I offer the mentoring the qualities he/she needs to go on the chosen path.

💃 If you were to leave readers with a message, what would it be? 

It is important to feel fulfilled and feel that you inspire and guide those around you, who will take over and carry on everything you have done valuable to a point.