Full interview: Silvia Stelea, a mentor in SIM’s community

Business Development, Sales, Motivational Speaker.

We know little about Silvia from a previous interview with Irina, she is her twin sister, both mentors in the She is MOM community. Silvia is an artistic, inspirational, and cheerful soul. A man with ambition and a faith that moves mountains.

💃 Who is Silvia Stelea, and what does she do?

I am a happy woman, the wife of a wonderful man, and the mother of two beautiful girls, 7-year-old Ingrid and 1-year-old and 8-month-old Clara. I have a full life. Two girls take you quite a long time. They are my greatest achievement and the greatest joy. It is beautiful and challenging at the same time.

As in Irina's case, my sister, the visual impairment started when I was 23 years old, then my vision decreased considerably, about 80% of normal capacity, following an emotional shock. Currently, I have reached 2% of the view. From here, I do not consider going below, but only up. Since then, my values ​​have changed, the way I perceive the world and relate to it has changed, and my level of adaptation, what can I say, has also changed. I admit that it was an impactful process, but at the same time, an extremely natural one. It did not seem to me to be an extremely great effort.

I'm lucky, I've always considered myself lucky, everything I live now is due to a pleasant situation: supportive family, very close friends, people who were there with me when I needed it. There were also a few slaps of life, but I did not allow myself to sink into them. I think it depends on how we build our lives, whether we choose to invest our energy in positive or negative things. Sure, I have moments when I push back, I'm a human, not a robot, but the positive will always come first for me.

Returning to your question, regarding the occupation, I work in a company that delivers telemedicine services - Telios Care, where I deal with everything related to B2B sales. Recently, I got involved in a foundation that will provide these services to all disadvantaged communities, here we are not just talking about people with disabilities, but also single mothers, people from places where travel to a medical provider is not exactly accessible. . For me to sell a service that I use, that I believe in and that brings so much good is very important and fulfills me.

Another soul project I'm working on now is a TV show, in which the intention is to bring people who have something to say. People who have completely changed their lives and by the power of example can make others follow their dream.

💃 When did you realize what you wanted to do?

I want to do a lot. I always felt what I like and what I want to do, but I stumbled on the road, meaning I found something else in my path that I found interesting and that I wanted to do. Until I got here, where I am now, and from here, I grew towards what I want, that is, on the motivational speaker side. This is one of the activities that I do with Irina, which makes me very happy. I want to be on the big stages more often, with hundreds and hundreds of people. I was in such stages, and I felt that I was making a difference that gave me confidence.

I have many ideas. Some have been realized, others are now in the full process, and others are just waiting their turn. It would be a sin in human life to focus on only one thing, not to give free rein and to experience as many things as possible.

On the motivational side, I want to convey courage and inspiration to people, go beyond fears, and think outside the box. It's a shame how much people waste themselves, not actually realizing how many things they can do. Action is the key. That's why I want to be inspirational, and I want that after the world listens to me to be determined to act, to mobilize.

Irina and I impact people without doing anything special; it's natural, it's a passion, we don't do it as a job; it's more than that.

💃 How did the arrival of your children impact you professionally?

The girls' arrival required a great adaptation and a huge thing for me because having the disability I have, which I like to say, did not affect me, but it influenced my life course, which influenced me. And my role as a new mom.

I had an advantage when Ingrid was little, I had the business in which I worked as a massage therapist, and I could make my schedule the way I wanted. Plus, I had constant help. I didn't interrupt the job, and it was quite comfortable.

💃 What does the balance between personal and professional life mean to you?

The personal part matters a lot; the family is my pillar, my personal development is again significant, and I do the job with great pleasure. This is what this balance looks like for me.

It is important to find our personal balance and know how to return to it when we feel shaking. For me, there were ups and downs, I don't know if I ever had a perfect balance, but I tried to be there, really present on both sides.

💃 What does it mean for you to be a mentor?

It means making the man in front of me open up and go in the right direction. People feel that they tell their fears, anxieties, and mistrusts when they say very little. That's why I want to be a mentor, to be able to show them the direction to what they really want, to give them courage. I think I have this ability to give people confidence.

💃 If you were to leave readers with a message, what would it be?

Have the courage to follow your dream. To open their eyes, mind, and soul and turn all their emotions into concrete actions. Don't get lost on the road.

I would tell them to act now, not later, not tomorrow, not in a year, but now. To listen to his instinct, he always tells us what to do.