Full interview: Raluca Popa, a mentor in SIM’s community

HR Consulting, Coaching, Trainer

💃Who is Raluca Popa, and what does she do? 

I know for sure that I am a people and solution-oriented professional, even if I could describe myself in many other ways, as I am an active person and always finding new projects or hobbies.

Always choosing ambition and passion in my work and personal life, I try to find some time to get bored, as it is one of the most important moments for the brain, helping it get creative.

I have chosen the HR field for my day-to-day job, but I have many other passions that complete my personality, such as cooking, sports, or horseback riding.

💃When did you realize what you wanted to do? 

Starting with University, I began being people-oriented, and when I discovered the HR Management subject, I felt this was the path I wanted to follow in life. Mainly because as an HR professional, I see myself helping the candidate find his or her best opportunity career-wise and the company finding and integrating the best talent. 

💃How did the arrival of your children impact you professionally?

When I became a mother, I knew I would have one great partner for playing, getting creative, and challenging myself. The journey beside my boy has been the most interesting and exciting one. I still learn every day and get amazed by how children are incredible just by not being influenced by external factors – acting through natural feelings only.

The impact of having a child has improved my career life, helping me find the best in myself and searching for continuous improvement every day. 

💃What does work-life balance mean to you? 

Work-life balance is the most challenging expression nowadays. For me, it starts when and how I open my eyes in the morning and close them in the evening. Even if many of my days are not the same, every evening, I try to point out at least three good things or improvements I got through that day. I always try to deal with every peak by taking one step back and being more relaxed. Then I reach balance, which is very hard to define.

💃What does it mean for you to be a mentor?

Guiding others has always been interesting for me, so the opportunity She is Mom gave me eases me the chance also to offer my knowledge and, at the same time, learn more each day from every person I get to know.

💃If you were to leave readers with a message, what would it be? 

Always remember about the invisible pair of wings you have and let yourself be influenced only by positive and professional people around you. Learn and evolve with every opportunity you have and keep your mind open, and it is the only barrier humans can put on themselves.