Full interview: Mihaela Avram, a mentor in SIM’s community

Coaching, Personal Development, HR Consulting

Mihaela Avram is an inspiration, she loves people and is passionate about education and beauty! A calm, dedicated, positive and full of life woman, she puts passion in everything she does.

💃Who is Mihaela Avram, and what does she do? 

Mihaela Avram is an adult and a child at the same time. I define myself, if I may say so, by my central values, which are: Love, Freedom, Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Knowledge through Personal Development. People know me as a dreamer who puts passion in all that she does and creates what she wants. This is how coachingdinpasiune.ro was born.

 I am counseling and coaching people to discover their vocation, the jobs that suit their personality and interests. Coach them to know themselves better, learn how to handle their emotions and how to love themselves more, and relate easily and from the heart.

💃 When did you realize what you want to do?

After 11 years of experience as a team supervisor, a bank counselor, project manager, and entrepreneur in a couple of small businesses…one night, sitting on the kitchen sofa, I felt I could do more: a strong calling from within and a need to contribute to the lives of millions of people. From that moment, a continuous flame came alive inside me, and ... mentors, information, courses, resources, or creative ideas came to me. At 32 years, I discovered that counseling, coaching, personal development is what I want to do. I always knew that non-formal education is my heart area. 

Till now, I was blessed with counseling more than 650 people, teenagers and adults, one-to-one sessions or in groups, for self-discovery and their growth process. And I am open to the future. I believe that we are full of surprises and gifts that we cannot wait to see and express. All this process was not easy at all. It requires sacrifices and time, patience. And it is a process for the entire life. 

💃 What does work-life balance mean to you?

Ohh, I love this question. I am a Libra and always tend for that and for harmony simultaneously, which is not still easy. My work-life balance means 8 hours for personal and passions, 8 hours for work and mission, and 8 hours for rest. I coach myself to live after that formula, which does not mean that I have succeeded. 

 And I have another tool for balance, one I used to do with almost all my clients, and it’s called “The circle of life/ Roata Vietii.” Here we play with the eight essential areas of life and balance them. These eight areas are your Personal development, Relationship with a couple’s partner, Relationships with your friends and family, Health, Career, Money, Fun and relaxation, Home, and comfort.

I was educated to be a perfectionist, but I release myself from that pressure. I learned that it is not mine. I used to be in a continuous battle with myself, and now, I have a mantra and say to myself that I dance with my life, and my life dances with me. 😊

💃 What does it mean for you to be a mentor?

For me, to be a mentor is a partnership commitment. It is an honor and a responsibility. From my experiences and clients, I love to inspire people to contribute to their growth. I put in service with passion and my good intuition.

💃 If you were to leave readers with a message, what would it be? 

My message to the readers would be to live fully, just like they feel. To never stop loving, learning, and doing good.